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Dec 29, 2006 05:40 PM

Mother's Dumplings - A Real Chowfind

Thanks to all who recommended this place. This is yet another place I never would have tried/found but for fellow Chowhounds. And, man, was it good.

I ordered enough for 2. And ate almost all of it, I am embarrassed to admit.

I started with the pork and chive dumplings. To my surprise, there were 12 of them. Real nice, thick, homemade wrappers enveloping succulent, moist filling. Dipped in a concoction of soy, vinegar, and chili sauce (all available at each table). Mmmm... I finished them, no problem. They are surprisingly light, too.

Then, I had the green onion pancake. When it arrived, I realized that I should have definitely brought a friend along. But, anyhow, the pancake was quite good: crispy & comforting. Again, I couldn't help but finish it.

Finally, Da Lu Noodles: a very large steaming bowl of light broth with handmade noodles, minced beef, egg, cabbage, and woodears. Perfect December food.

All dishes were served PIPING hot, and with a hurried smile and complimentary hot tea. It was plenty for 2, and all for $13.65 plus tip.

Go to this place.

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  1. Great place, isn't it? And you can buy frozen dumplings to take home, too. A nice substitute for my mom's homemade dumplings.

    1. I know. And the price for take-out is even more unbelievable than their already low prices.

      30 frozen dumplings? $7.

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      1. re: Fwagra

        read your story on Mothers Dumpling.Where are the located?

        1. re: Furby

          On Huron Street, just north of Dundas (east of Spadina).

          They are downstairs.

      2. Can I get a site and/or address/phone number.

        Thanks : )


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        1. I finally tried Mother's Dumplings today. I ordered the boiled pork and bok choi dumplings, and the chive and egg pancake. Talk about a generous serving sizes. The chive and egg pancake was different than I expected.It was more like a flat half-moon shaped dumpling than a pancake, filled with a delicate egg and chive mixture. Everything was very fresh tasting. Much more than I should have eaten, for $9.96.

          1. I've had the exact items that Fwagra ordered many times, and they remain excellent with each visit.

            Definitely a great place, let's hope they have a fabulous 2007.