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Sausage Casings in Los Angeles

I'm looking to buy some from a store that has them in stock right now. I was at Surfas and the gentleman I spoke to said they were out. Any other suggestions? Extra points for east side.

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  1. i was told that hows market meat department will provide them if you ask nicely...i suggest you give them a call and see if that's a possibility ( huntington drive in arcadia )

    1. European Deluxe will sell you them if you ask nicely. I would suggest buying one of their meat products at the same time.

      1. pretty sure mario's deli on broadway in glendale carries casings.

        1. Check with Claro's Market. I "know" the location in San Gabriel has them as I see them every time I look in the deli case. I wouldn't be surprised if they have other quantities besides those small packages as they make their own sausages.

          1. Bauducco's in Westlake Village has sausage casings. I would check any Italian market.

            Sure, it's not the east side... unless you're talking about the east side of Ventura County :D

            1. anyone have recommendations for sausage casings near west hollywood?

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                Huntington Meats (East end of 3rd St. Farmers Market) carries hog casings, though you have to ask at the counter.

                Huntington Meats
                6333 W 3rd St # 350, Los Angeles, CA

              2. how about the sausage kitchen on olympic, just west of doheny (next to crazy fish)? i'd call ahead, but that seems like a good bet.

                1. European Deluxe Sausage Kitchen on Olympic near Doheny has them. I've purchased them from Gary the owner many times. They are usually in brine. I just ordered some salt packed from Butcher Packer online to test those versus the brined ones. My big question is where can I find fresh pork fatback (not salted)? Most butchers say they need to buy 60lb boxes - so they don't get it. Fatback really makes sausages like spicy Italian have good juiciness and flavor. Jowl fat can be used but is really only good for finer textured sausages such as hot dogs.

                  1. check bristol farms. they'll usually sell you some if you ask nice.

                    1. The deli at Pinnocchio's on Magnolia in Burbank has them - just saw them yesterday. Pretty spendy ($7!!), though. Schriner's German Deli in North Glendale/Montrose is where I usually buy them.

                      1. There are any number of carnicerias around LA, and if they make their own chorizo, they'll have casings. I was going to go to European Deluxe Sausage, but checked the one around my corner (Budlong and Adams) and they had them! I bet most places will, if you ask.

                        As a side note (and, yay for carnicerias), I wanted to try to make blood sausage, and the carniceria at Pico and Normandie sells pork blood by the gallon (literally!) And Korean markets sell beef blood.

                        I love LA.

                        1. Morning -

                          I just saw this post, and if A-1 Italian Market is still in San Pedro after all these years, they sell casings.