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Dec 29, 2006 05:31 PM

Sausage Casings in Los Angeles

I'm looking to buy some from a store that has them in stock right now. I was at Surfas and the gentleman I spoke to said they were out. Any other suggestions? Extra points for east side.

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  1. i was told that hows market meat department will provide them if you ask nicely...i suggest you give them a call and see if that's a possibility ( huntington drive in arcadia )

    1. European Deluxe will sell you them if you ask nicely. I would suggest buying one of their meat products at the same time.

      1. pretty sure mario's deli on broadway in glendale carries casings.

        1. Check with Claro's Market. I "know" the location in San Gabriel has them as I see them every time I look in the deli case. I wouldn't be surprised if they have other quantities besides those small packages as they make their own sausages.

          1. Bauducco's in Westlake Village has sausage casings. I would check any Italian market.

            Sure, it's not the east side... unless you're talking about the east side of Ventura County :D