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Dec 29, 2006 05:30 PM

L'Impero...any standouts for dinner tonight? Please.

I am returning here tonight after a few years. Would love to hear recommendations on any amazing dishes..please!! Is this one of the places where the apps are stronger than the main courses? (I was not crazy about the cabrito last time) I remember pastas as being excellent..still the case? Thanks and happy new year!

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    1. Yes, pastas and crudo are still the standouts here. That's what I would stick with.... and of course the polenta with mushrooms.


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        Thanks...I did read the thread about lunch the other day...what about mains..none at all, aside from the cabrito?

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          I would substitute the Capretto with the Free Range Chicken or the Skate and go with the remainder of the Signature Dishes they recommend.......

          L' Impero Signature Dishes
          Marinated Pacific Yellowtail sea salt, olio di zenzero and red onion 13.00

          Duck and Foie Gras Agnolotti moscato passito di sardegna reduction 25.00

          Moist Roasted Vermont Capretto spring pea, speck and potato groestle 32.00

          House made Spaghetti tomato and fresh basil 22.00

      2. I second the polenta with mushrooms! The chicken with fegato and the skate are also very good.

        1. Four of us had an excellent meal here last night. I began with the tuna sucsi (which I liked far better than a similar dish at A Voce a few days before); then, intead of the mushrooms and polenta, I had roasted scallops with wild mushrooms. This was an amazing dish; I have never eaten scallops cooked so perfectly. And for my main, I had the signature agnolotti of duck and fois; the portion was rich, and not as tiny as I had remembered and I was actually full when dessert time came. We split three desserts: one chocolate caramel mousse, which definitely had that WOW! factor; one bonette of choclate with apricot sorbet and roasted apricots; and one olive oil cake with goat's milk panna cotta and pears. Most of us stuck to the apps and pastas but one person had the short ribs/steak combo and said it was marvelous, so marvelous that he was not offering tastes! This place is civilized, not noisy, and delicious. The crowd was on the young side, in contrary to the reports I've read about a room filled with graying heads...

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            Great feedback. I posted a week or two ago about a lunch and while there reminded that I need to return more often. Sounds like we had similarly good experiences. Me--Polenta and mushrooms (great comfort food), the duck and foie gras agnolotti (good size plate--even enough to share 2-3 of the luscious pasta pocketts) and the olive oil cake. Glad good buzz going on for this spot. Happy New Year.