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Dec 29, 2006 05:12 PM

Old Viet's rest. in Arlington Ctr.

Walked by last night...temporary sign says "chinese-japanese cuisine". No name yet. They're renovating so it'll be a while.

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  1. I'm really sorry to see them go but I'm not surprised. Even on a Saturday night I don't think I ever saw them more than half full and the room in the back felt abandoned. Still they were vastly better than the Pho Pasteur in Harvard Square.

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      Me too! I once had a horrible head cold and didn't want to overdo the Nyquil so we went to Viet's and I got some sort of soup (can't recall the name) but it knocked out the cold symptoms for the rest of that night. Got a good night's sleep. I was never a big fan of Pho Pasteur either.

    2. Oh that's so sad that viets cafe is gone that place really did have a fresh Bun. I'm glad I saw this post before trying to head over there.

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        Glad the site saved you a trip out. It's tough to find very good Vietnamese cuisine outside of Chinatown.

      2. I miss Viets Cafe, too. Never had a bad meal there in all the times I went.

        The new place will be called Mifune. I haven't heard any other details about it...

        1. hey guys viets cafe was really a great place a family owned resaturant nd the reason it was empty becuz it was under new management but before that my family owned the resataruant and it was always full nd had huge lines we are hopefully planning to open a new restaurant in the near future =]

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            It's been Mifune, Japanese with some Chinese, for quite a while now, if we're talking about the same location.

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              yea but my family who previously owned it is thinking about opening it in a new location

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                Keep us posted on the location. I'd love to have them back again.

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              Please do keep us posted -- I loved Viet's Cafe and still have not found a restaurant to replace it!