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Dec 29, 2006 04:48 PM

Crispy Chinese jerky

I was thinking about taking my half-day to wander various Chinatown jerky shops, but seeing how many there are and knowing I really have other things to be taking care of at home, I thought maybe I'd just post here and do the jerky shopping another time.

I'm wondering if anyone has ever seen in the jerky shops a SUPERTHIN (think potato chips) jerky, light and crispy. I recently had some in Taiwan that was just about the most delicious thing I've ever tasted (that morning). It was so thin it was slightly translucent, dotted with black sesame and almonds so it was also sweet. Very delicate and easily crushed. Shamefully, I do not read Chinese but I did not see the character for "beef" on there, it might have been pork.

This addictive flavor also came in a slightly thicker, chewier version, which is still unlike what I think of "American jerky", it's pretty smooth-textured and not QUITE as chewy as the usual stuff. That would be fine too...I love the almond/black sesame flavor in general but the superthin variety was just amazing.

Or would I have better luck in Flushing? It's possible this is just a Taiwanese style of jerky...

Thanks for any advice...

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  1. I love that stuff, pretty sure its a taiwanese thing, i was just in taiwan and had some as well. I haven't seen any stores that specifically serve it in chinatown though the markets like dynasty may have some packaged kind. Guarantee someone serves it in Flushing as there are tons of Taiwanese places there. I'll try to go look

    I like the jerkey at ping's across the street from columbus park and next to the parking garage, but its the soft kind of jerky you get in like hk, singapore and malaysia.

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      Poo! I had a feeling it was Taiwanese...I did end up stopping into a Malaysian jerky place after a quick run to Dumpling House, and the stuff inside was not what I wanted. I also happened to do a little shopping in Dynasty yesterday before I saw this post, so I wasn't looking closely for packaged jerky but nothing jumped out at me either. I wonder if Kam Man is more likely than Dynasty to have it?

      1. re: NancyC

        hmm it might, but i dont know if one if more likely than the other. Next time I go i'll snoop around...if you find any definately post (vice versa), i love that stuff...i had a small bag, but i ate it all on the plane

    2. The original comment has been removed