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Dec 29, 2006 03:47 PM

Stanton Social - Brunch?

We are going to the Tenement Museum next Saturday with family and would like to go to brunch somewhere in the neighborhood beforehand. We have a reservation at Stanton Social. Has anybody been there for brunch and could tell me a little about the experience (food, whether it's appropriate for parents, etc.). Any other ideas would be appreciated, too. We have decided against going to Katz's and to Chinatown for various reasons. Thanks.

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  1. it's ok . . . just ok. Another option that has fantastic blueberry pancakes is the pink pony. It is across the street from Katz's and just a few doors down from Houston. Best of luck and let us know about the museum even though it has nothing to do with food.

    1. I found brunch pretty disappointing when I went there a few weeks ago. We had good ricotta fritters and pancakes, but the french onion soup dumplings and fish tacos which were supposed to be house specialities weren't good. The fish tacos were in particularly fishy tasting. Also, while the space is very nice, the place is packed and extremely cramped. But if you are not set on classic brunch fare and into trying many dishes, you might like it.
      I like Alias in the area for cheap classic brunch food, and if you have a tiny party (ie 2-4) Falai panetteria has amazing pastries, and serves cooked food too. Plus i like their fans =). The clinton st baking company is a little further but supposedly has great pancakes too, although I've not had it.
      Have fun at the museum, and stop by Il Laboratorio for gelato after the tour!