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Dec 29, 2006 03:40 PM

where are we all eating for NYE?

particularly in phoenix. even if you're staying home, what are you making? looking for ideas

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  1. Last year NYE included dinner at Tutti Santi (SP?) in Mesa. It was a lovely dinner and we were able to choose from the regular menu. Had dinner there last week and again really enjoyed it. While this years plans are up in the air, I suspect I will be staying in a enjoying the lovely pink champagne a friend was kind enough to give me for the holidays. That being said, I will likely hit AJ's on Sunday and see what fish looks best and let the creativity flow.


    1. I'll be at Coupe des Tartes for their prix fixe. Looking at the menu, I think I'll start with the potato rösti topped with chive crème fraîche, Scotch smoked salmon and
      American sturgeon caviar. Followed by their orange, endive, watercress, walnut and date salad tossed with a
      creamy tarragon vinaigrette and warm chèvre cakes. For an entree, I am torn between their lobster - sweet and tender Australian lobster tail broiled with herb butter and served with fresh asparagus atop curried pineapple risotto with roasted mango and bits of cilantro
      or their
      lamb Shank - signature spice rubbed natural Australian lamb shank served Moroccan style atop couscous with a harissa spiced vegetable ragout studded with plump figs, raisins and apricots.

      For dessert, Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Tarte - a divine soufflé like tarte filled with a Chambord truffle center and served warm with fresh raspberries and vanilla creme anglaise.

      We will be bringing along a champagne, TBD, and a bottle of Turley Ueberroth.

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        Since Mom always fixes a huge buffet on NYE, J. and I are celebrating a day early at Coupe des Tartes as well. I am very excited as I love the food there. Should be a lot of fun.

        The lamb shank is wonderful. Spicy, sweet, savory and all around delicious.

        Have a great time, themis!

        1. re: Seth Chadwick

          Oh see, now I know we've made a good choice. Thanks; you too!

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