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Dec 29, 2006 03:40 PM

New Years Eve—Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, Ft. Green

We're looking to have a somewhat relaxing New Years Eve and I'm trying to find a place that's not offering a special menu.

Right now I'm leaning toward Blue Ribbon Brooklyn. I've always found their food to be pretty reliable and I know they're open but I don't know if they're offering a special holiday menu or taking reservations (usually they don't but maybe because it's a holiday?) I called and only got a recording with the hours.

Because my BF is working that day and doesn't quite know when he'll be through we're going to end up winging it unfortunately. Mainly I want him to get out, have a good meal and not have the annual New Years pressure because he'll be working the next day as well.

Any other suggestions in the area would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Last year we ended up at Sample on Smith Street:

      It was completely relaxing, with a small buzz of people but not too crowded, a great relaxing place to eat and toast the New Year.

      1. I got an email from Frankies 457 saying that they are having their regular menu plus specials--and taking reservations, which they usually don't do. We've got an early reservation--I am looking forward to a simple meal of cavetelli and sausage after all the other holiday eating we've been doing!

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          I actually called Frankie's earlier. They only had 5:30 and 7 left. Both were too early for us.

          They did say that they're accepting walk-ins but only have two tables set aside. However, I'm not opposed to dining at the bar if we have to.

          So it will probably be Blue Ribbon or Frankie's (ditto on the cavatelli). I'll look into Sample though as well. Thanks!

        2. For something a little different, I see that Aliseo, the little Italian on Vanderbilt, is offering a $110 menu with wine pairings - in omnivore and vegetarian versions. There food is always interesting and vibe relaxed a nice romantic little place to settle in for a while.

          1. We've booked at Flatbush Farm because as a group of 10 we liked the fact that they allowed us to do the special menu or order off the regular menu. The special menu sounded good to me, however. It had sweetbreads or scallops amongst the three appetizer choices, and venison as one of the three mains, as well as striped bass I think? Don't rely on me, you should call, as they don't have the menu posted online. BUT you can also get some deviled eggs and a burger if that suits your fancy.