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Dec 29, 2006 03:35 PM

need perfect idea for tomorrow's parade tailgating

the parade is tomorrow, and my friends and i do it in style. the big tent, the bloody mary bar, the grill for breakfast burritos, and everyone brings something, gourmet coffee, etc.

i need an idea for a finger food that is magnificent enough for this grand occasion. something hearty (its surprisingly cold in phoenix these days) but not too filling. easy to pick up and eat in a few bites.

i was thinking some twice baked fingerling potatoes or perhaps loaded potato skins....

i could go with something cold like a cukes/gravlax/creme fraiche on toasted points... but as I said, i feel like it ought to be something hot.

what do you guys think?

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  1. I sometimes make yukon gold potato "knishes" with phyllo dough for the wrapper. If you substitute vegetables for part of the potato it would lighten them.
    Also, corned beef chopped into a well-seasoned mashed potato mixture makes irresistable "twice baked". I have a recipe for this if you like.

    1. If your grill is big enough, you can do a "super" nachos on the grill!

      The way to do it is to use a cast iron pan, and assemble the nachos with all the cheese and beef and onion right in the pan. Then place the pan on the grill and let the heat melt the cheese. You can put the pan on the grill for as long as you want, and people can munch on the HOT nachos as appetizer.

      Hope this helps!

      1. Those sound like good ideas--though the cukes/gravlax/creme freche doesn't sound like a tailgate, more an afternoon tea but if that's the crowd, they sound good. For something not at all fancy/gourmet, "heart attacks" are great for tailgating. You cut hot dogs into 1/3rds, wrap w/ bacon, secure w/ toothpick, put on baking sheet, sprinkle brown sugar on them and broil until bacon is done. They're decadent and go fast. Plus you have toothpicks handy then.;-)

        1. it is, i admit, a bit more upscale. first, we're old, second, its New Years, third, we're old.

          love the ideas... wish my friends had a clue what a knish is. but... may subvert idea into something similar for phoenix crowd.

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            LOL! How about chicken satays:


            Then you kind of get the toothpicks w/out the heart attacks.;-)

          2. ooh. sounds good... may go with that.