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Dec 29, 2006 03:25 PM

City Fish Wethersfield Expanding?

I heard a rumor that City Fish in Wethersfield is expanding their take out seafood section. Right now they serve fresh fried fish and seafood with chips to take out. I was wondering if they are going to have a sit-down area and expand their menu. Anybody know what they are doing? Jay

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  1. I recently stopped in at City Fish and received a coupon for their soon to be expanded kitchen. They are in process of converting the front offices into a dining area. You will place orders as in the past, but now you have the option of bringing the food into the dining room and enjoying the meal while it is still hot. They are doubling the size of their kitchen cooking capacity and plan to eventually add additional items to the menu including a menu for children. The improvements are expected to be completed by May 1 and the coupon (buy one dinner, receive the second for 1/2 price) is good through November 30.

    1. Thanks - I do like City Fish. The food is very fresh and made simply. The fact that you could not eat there was its only drawback. Jay