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Dec 29, 2006 03:25 PM

DeLuxe fish sandwich, Champaign

Do any of the former Illinois students or people that live(d) n Champaign remember the fish sandwichs at DeLuxe billiards on Green street?I just haven't enjoyed a fish sandwich as much as I enjoyed that one.I imagine its not there any more.Any thing else like it near campus or in the Chicago area?I am sure its a case of never will find anything as good as I REMEMBER but those were some good eating on Fridays with a beer for all less that 5 bucks.

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  1. Yes, I remember. Campustown looks like an upscale suburban downtown now. Not to say that it isn't prettier, but some of the unique places are gone. A huge bar/restaurant has gone up on the Deluxe site, called "Legends". They have a "deluxe" fish sandwich on Fri./Sat., but I am not that impressed with it. Plus, the place has no Geist. I would suggest fish sandwiches at the Seaboat (Market and Bradley). Closed Monday. I actually think they are better than the Deluxe's sandwich!

    1. Man, you are bringing back memories. When I didn't have money on Fridays I would go to Round Robins and snarf down some two for a quarter hot dogs along with dollar bottles of beer. Ah, but if I had money, the dilemma is whether to get the clam chowder at the Illini Union basement or the fish sandwiches at Deluxe. Deluxe won out most of the time.

      I just remember that it wasn't real fancy, it came on a hamburger bun, a couple of crinkle cut pickle slices and some raw onion slivers. But it had really crispy crust and flaky and sweet fish on the inside, all steamy and good.

      So when do we bomb Legends and bring back Deluxe?

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        The Union upstairs still has good soup, the downstairs is like a mall food court now. How long ago were you at UI?

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          Forgot to mentioned, The Esquire in dwtwn Champaign (which has been revitalized tremendously and is full of upscale restaurants and martininbars) still has great fish sandwiches on Friday. That place has probably been there for 30-40 years and will be for another I am sure.

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          1. wow, i miss those Delux fish sandwiches (they had steak sandwiches too which were not bad) and the stuffed pizza at Garcia's (or Papa Del's if you liked really bready crusts). USed to like the sweet potato fries at Courier Cafe. There used to be a small Thai cafeteria on campus, is it still there? What about Bishop's buffet in the mall? Greater Downtown Champaign Food & Beverage Co? Bombay Bicycle Club? The Korean place on W Stoughton? Jarling's Custard Cup in W Champaign?

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              Not sure about the Thai place...there are other decent ones now. Bishop's is long gone, I think it closed in the mid-90's when the mall got expanded and swanked up. Greater Downtown is a Thai place called Nitaya (okay). bombay closed in the early 90's when i was an undergrad, and despite many other restaurants opening, esp. in Champaign, BBC building was leveled and the site is vacant to this day. Not sure about the Korean place you mentioned. Jarling's does the same booming business.

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                Some updates: just ate tonight at Escobar's, a Latin fusion place north of downtown Champaign, just east of the Neil St. post office location. Lovely space, very good food. Will be open for brunch on Sundays, as well. B Won is very good Korean, it is in a nice sit-down space along the trackes on Neil, south of Kirby, in one of several nicer strip-mall buildings near the old site of Hillcrest Lumber. Finally, the Sea Boat is opening a location with an expanded menu and a seating area in the localation of one of the shuttered Denny's dry cleaners locations, just across Kirby from Jerry's IGA. Lest I be accused of blasphemy, the Sea Boat sandwich is the best I have ever had, even better than the late, long-lamented Deluxe.

                Closures: Jolly Roger, downtown Urbana. Place had been bleeding money for a long time, food hadn't been good in a long time. The Ned Kelly's location in Urbana folded after declining business. Couldn't compete with all the N. Prospect restaurants (those of you who haven't been back in quite a while, N. Prospect is a huge sprawl of shopping and restaurants going all the way out to Olympian Dr.) and all the fine rest. opening in Champaign...

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                Is the Thai cafeteria you mean Basil Thai on Green St. - in the same building as the Art co-op? If so, it's still there.

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                  In the 90's there was a Thai cafeteria in the YMCA. Is that what you're talking about?

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                    yes, the one in the Y! I think the owner's name was Mayuri or something like that

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