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Dec 29, 2006 03:12 PM

Anyone try Greal Wall Dim Sum Buffet?

I saw this restaurant in Bedford called Great Wall has Dim Sum Buffet on Sat/Sun. Anyone been? Thanks

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  1. Yes I've been on weekdays. I found it pretty awful but no worse than other Chinese buffets in the area. Most of the Chinese restos in the 'burbs are bad. JMO of course.

    1. I haven't been to the weekend buffet but the lunch buffet is awful. It's not the worst Chinese I've ever had, but when I have to attend a work-related lunch there, I bring my own.

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          No, my own lunch, brown bag. I don't think it would be sporting-like to bring take-out Chinese from somewhere else, kinda rubbing their noses in it, dontcha think :-). Besides, my coworkers already think I'm odd when it comes to food (among other things).

      1. Is the lexington dim sum any better?

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          Not much. The dim sum is available only on weekends (unless it's changed in the past few months) and is very limited. If you want a lot of food, it's good value. Just not good food.

        2. I've been to Great Wall a couple times on a Sunday, never on a weekday. Decent-to-mediocre Taiwanese or northern-style dim sum -- it's not Hong Kong style. Reasonable for the price. (I'm more familiar with HK dim sum, so I'm not sure of the distinction between Taiwanese and northern Chinese dim sum items.)

          Yangtze River (Lexington) dim sum buffet is HK style, and much worse than, say, Hei La Moon, but acceptable. Better than par for the burbs.

          1. We have been to Yangtze River dimsum buffet about 4 times now, we are pretty much done with that place. 1st time was ok but probally more for the novelty of it. Got worse and worse every time. Wont be going back.

            I cant imagine great wall being any good. I have not been to it. But i used to work down the street and had gone to the lunch buffet several times and it was very eh at best.

            For dimsum in the burbs you can do ok at China Pearl in Woburn. If looking for a dimsum buffet I recommend Oriental Pearl in Framingham.

            Not sure if they still do it or not but in Lexington Peking Garden used to have dimsum but its order off the menu only. No buffet, no carts. Have not been in years to that one.

            Some photos and more details on my blog