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Dec 29, 2006 02:42 PM

tiny little fish

I want to make Bourdain's bouillabaisse for New Year' calls for 2 pds of "tiny little fish." Any recommendations on a seafood market where I can find these...already tried dc whole foods and A&H...

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  1. Not sure how tiny is "tiny," but Black Salt's market sometimes has smelts or sardines about 4-5 inches. I would call first.

    1. You might head down to Maine Avenue.

      1. There's a small fishmarket in N Arlington, behind the Lee Heights shops off Old Lee Highway (where Arrowine, Pastries by Randolph, etc, are). I think it's called American Seafood, but I cannot recall.

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          My wife and I ate at the American Seafood. It is located at 4550 Lee Highway in Arlington. Phone number is 703-522-8080. We had the best crab cake sandwich with fries. They set up a table and chairs in their little lobby since it was cold in December.

        2. Maine Avenue seafood market has smelt.

          1. When I owned a fish store in NYC during the late 80's we would carry 'aleche' for the Christmas season. They were tiny silversides or bay anchovies that were 1''-3'' long. It was a holiday favorite of our Italian clientele. I would look for an Italian run fish store or perhaps contact A/V Ristorante or Pasta Plus and ask if they have a "source".