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Dec 29, 2006 02:33 PM

Las Vegas Buffet Suggestions Please

I'm going to Vegas for the first time in March. I already have plans to go to Bouchon and Guy Savoy, but I need some help with the other end of the spectrum... buffets. I need suggestions for the best overall, and the best cheap one. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I had been to Wynn buffet on Christmas day, it's a 2.5 hours wait. The food is good though. $42 bucks.

    1. We've enjoyed the breakfast buffet at Paris a few times. While not generally big fans of buffet...I think it was $12 or $13 and you can't sit down and eat for that price on the strip anymore. Food was fresh and good!

      Lunch and Dinner can't help with - we haven't tried any of the buffets later in the day.

      1. There's a post around here somewhere on Bally's Sterling brunch on Sundays ($65, reservations recommended). It's a fabulous brunch buffet if you're into caviar, lobster, and lamb. Anything other than that you can find at most higher-end buffets.

        Bellagio has a nice buffet for all meals and it's cheaper than the Wynn. We like going to the Mirage Cravings buffet (again, any meal). They have a great variety but also good quality food and the price is pretty decent (but not cheap).

        People keep raving about Rio's buffet, but I still don't like it. It just seems like a huge amount of just-okay food.

        1. Try the Bay Side Buffet at The Mandalay Bay Casino A Truly hidden Gem, it's a little further south on the strip, So less crowds, a few $$$ cheaper But EXCELLENT Food, You'll enjoy the melted Chocolate fountain to dip strawberrys, melon, pound cake etc...... White Chocolate one night regular chocolate the other night when i was there 2 weeks ago. Or if Good Cheap Buffett is what you want Try The Gold Coast, Any Station Casinos, Or the Orleans. my 2 cents.....