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Dec 29, 2006 02:01 PM

Great NY Chow Experience

Went out last night with the fellas--night ended around 12:30. I was walking uptown on 6th avenue, debating whether to take train or cab back to queens, searching for a slice of pizza. Believe it or not, I walked from BB kings on 42nd street to 6th and 47th and didn't pass one single pizza joint(so called gourmet delis that happen to swerve pizza don't count)--this must be the longest stretch in the city. I did notice a multitude of street carts. I was peering into the carts, hoping someone actually grilled his dogs (not a fan of water dogs), and noticed that everyone had decent looking kebabs. I was pondering the thought, when I noticed one particular cart, on the south west corned of 47th and 6th, actually had a few people on line--they were other cart vendors, who were packed for the night, stopping here for late night grub. I figured this guy must be good, and ordered in a semi-drunk babble, "Give me what's good" His english wasn't great, all I understood was, "lamb", "white sauce", "hot suace", to which I responded, yes, yes and yes. Anyway to sum it up, there I was at 1 in the morning, sitting on a gigantic cinderblock used to protect whatever building stands on that corner, chowing on a delicious lamb platter on rice.
I love New York.

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  1. Welcome to "The Cart" a very famous meat and rice street vendor. They even have their own website. (How about that white sauce?!?)

    You were lucky to have only "a few people on line."

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    1. re: NAtiveNewYorker

      Doesn't sound like he was at "The Cart" since that's up at 53rd St. Sounds like he ate at one of the other halal carts along 6th Avenue. There are several of them along that stretch at night.

      1. re: NAtiveNewYorker

        If you'd walked 6 more blocks uptown, you would have found the very delicious Chicken and Rice halal cart in front of the Hilton Hotel. It is easily discernable by the 30-40 minute line waiting in the cold, comprised of equally inebriated people as yourself :)

        1. Southwest corner of 47th and 6th--no idea what the name of the cart was. It was in front of a buildnig with huge posters for "Future NHL Store"