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Lunch in Georgetown

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Short notice, but I'm taking my 14 year old son (adventorious eater) to Georgetown today and want to take him to something different from our usual, suburban, ethnic-centric places. Thinking maybe French bistro, but haven't been back to Bistro Francis since the bad mussels I ate there years ago and I see Au Pied du Cochon is gone.

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  1. If I were going to lunch in Georgetown today, I'd go to Bistrot Lepic - and certainly over Bistro Francais. When we lived in DC we went almost every weekend for lunch and I understand it is still very good. It's in "Upper" Georgetown, on Wisconsin across from the Social Safeway - here's their website:


    The food is really wonderful - I'd call to make a reservation if you go.

    1. Thanks, good suggestion, I've been wanting to try Lepic.

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        Enjoy! My husband always loved the kidneys there - but I recall everything being good - if your son is feeling particularly adventuresome. Also pigs feet. They used to have a risotto with snails in winter.

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          was there today and had the cassoulet, super as always.