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Dec 29, 2006 01:28 PM

Lunch in Georgetown

Short notice, but I'm taking my 14 year old son (adventorious eater) to Georgetown today and want to take him to something different from our usual, suburban, ethnic-centric places. Thinking maybe French bistro, but haven't been back to Bistro Francis since the bad mussels I ate there years ago and I see Au Pied du Cochon is gone.

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  1. If I were going to lunch in Georgetown today, I'd go to Bistrot Lepic - and certainly over Bistro Francais. When we lived in DC we went almost every weekend for lunch and I understand it is still very good. It's in "Upper" Georgetown, on Wisconsin across from the Social Safeway - here's their website:

    The food is really wonderful - I'd call to make a reservation if you go.

    1. Thanks, good suggestion, I've been wanting to try Lepic.

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        Enjoy! My husband always loved the kidneys there - but I recall everything being good - if your son is feeling particularly adventuresome. Also pigs feet. They used to have a risotto with snails in winter.

        1. re: MMRuth

          was there today and had the cassoulet, super as always.