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Dec 29, 2006 01:28 PM

Le Creuset Doufeu

Does anyone have experience with the Le Creuset Doufeu? What is it best used for? Is it worth getting?


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  1. I'm glad you asked this as I saw the red or blue(probably blue) on sale for 149.99 on or It seems like it would function the same as the oval french oven but it has 2 handles on the side rather than the black knob so...I think it would work for that no knead bread too. I think I may have talked myself into this...wich probaly means they're sold out.:) I think there is only one size but if anyone is wondering its 7.25 qt.

    1. I love mine. It's thicker than regular LC, so it works on the stovetop, where the big side loops make it easy to handle. You pour a quart of water into the top, which keeps the inside at the perfect temperature. (The recommended ice cubes make no difference.) Also, the inside is white rather than a dark color that makes it hard to check by eye with other pots.

      Last week I made a great 18-hour onion marmalade in it, plus many braises, which have all come out perfect.

      Put just 1/2" of stock in the bottom. That way the meat browns itself. The slow cooking pulls out plenty of additional liquid, which reduces into the ideal sauce, especially if you refrigerate the sauce and meat separately overnight and remove the fat. Braises are always better the second day. The problem is they smell so good the first day that there's usually nothing left over.

      The pot works well for small cuts if you use Paula Wolfert's method of pushing down a piece of parchment paper to touch the meat and the liquid surface.

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        Are you saying that you don't have to sear/brown the meat separately before braising? Just put it in with 1/2" of stock?
        And you still get browned meat and rich sauce?

        1. re: MakingSense

          Yes. The meat above the surface of the liquid browns just fine without searing. There's a braising class on another site with experimental proof, and it works perfectly for me.