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Dec 29, 2006 01:06 PM

East Cambridge finds?

Looking for great finds in East Cambridge. We know (and love) Helmand and Atasca-- where else should we be going, both for great dinners, and for local hole in the wall places as well?

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  1. I don't know if Mulan (Taiwanese) qualifies as E Cambridge but it's very good. I'm also a fan of Anise; although it's gotten some mixed reviews lately. Geographic purists may chastise me..but it's only about a 10 min walk.

    Delfina..casual Greek food.

    I had a very good meal at Dante when they blackout since.

    Several good bakeries and fish markets on Cambridge St..New Deal, Court..looked like several places worth trying but I don't have any more names.

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      I have been to Dante for lunch a few times and found it to be not bad, but overpriced -- not worth a trip, unless you're in the mood for dessert. I haven't tried it, but I've heard great things about the ginger soda float with salted caramel mousse.

    2. Concur with Anise - higher end serious Szechuan in Kendall Square. Not sure if it is definitely a winner (some mixed reviews on the board), but it is assuredly different from most anything else you can find.

      Does O Cantinho count as East Cambridge? Past Inman - very cozy Portuguese.

      1. That whole stretch of Cambridge Street from about Lechmere to Inman counts as E Cambridge, in my book.

        For Portuguese, be sure to check out O Cantinho, with a strong Azorean flair (same owners as Atasca, and more of the charm of the now-closed Broadway original than the second, surviving Hampshire St location) and Casa Portugal, with more of a mainland Portuguese menu.

        For Brazilian, Muqueca for simple fish stews (moquecas), salgadinhos (fish cakes), and feijoada; Midwest Grill for churrasco rodizio (all-you-can-eat marinated and grilled meats).

        The Second Street Cafe does a great breakfast and lunch only, an ecelectic, fresh-tasting menu.

        The Similans down by the Helmand does decent, slightly Westernized Thai, from the Brown Sugar people.

        Ditto Anise: fine, expensive Sichuan.

        I quite like the pizza at Emma's, and the mid-priced New American, heavy on the wood-fire grilling, and great cocktails, at the Blue Room.

        1. Portugalia has god bacalao/salt cod, other dishes were hit and miss, but it's been awhile since I've been there. I quite liked Sunset Grill, but again, it's been a while.

          1. Muqueca, Midwest and O Cantino are among the best restaurants of their kind in all of Boston. Also of note in the East Camb area:

            -O Senor Ramos Snack Bar: standard pizzeria and sub shop that also features a full menu of various Portuguese dishes and some specials. I have found the Frango no Churrasco (barbecue chix), Febras de Porco (small pork steaks) and alentejas (clams and pork with potatos) to be great. They also make a mean fish and chips and various bacalao dishes. This place is also quite a bargain, and delivers to Camb/S-ville.

            -The Coffee Shop: I think this is the name. They advertise the best marinated grilled chicken sandwich in town. That is probably an overstatement, but the sandwich is delicious.

            -Courthouse Seafood: fresh and tasty fried fish. They have a fish and chips special one day of the week (Weds?). Lunch only.

            -Atwood's Tavern: eclectic bar food. Items like the venison stew, jerked pork loin, free range grilled chicken, duck and chicken quesadillas are not quite as exciting as you might expect from the menu descriptions, but nevertheless a damn sight better than most bar food in town. They also have an impressive selection of beer on draft.