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Dec 29, 2006 11:22 AM

Mexican in Jacksonville?

Good Day...Does anyone know of a decent Mexican Food restaurant in or around the Jacksonville area? I've tried most of what are called Mexican places and find that they only know how to make one kind of meat that is "universal" for all their dishes. I stopped by a place called "Ole`" the other day and had a combination plate with three different items. The only problem was that they used the exact same meat mixture in all three of them! I lived in the west and sout west for most of my life and had to move to Florida for a job. I dearly miss decent Mexican food. Any/all help GREATLY appreciated.

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  1. La Nopalera
    Dona Maria
    Cha Cha's

    google it for directions, first two have multiple locations.

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      I love La Nopalera! It was a must do when I visited my friend in Orange Park. I haven't been in a few years because she had moved away for a while, but I'm headed up there in Jan. and will have to go again.

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        Can't think of any great Mexican restaurants in the Jacksonville area. When I lived there I seem to recall going to Campeche Bay in Jax Beach more often than any other.

        For a decent Southwestern fast food fix try Sierra Grill.

      2. If you have spent most of your life in the west and southwest - you will hate all Mexican food here - except perhaps the kind you cook yourself. Jacksonville is pretty poor when it comes to many types of ethnic restaurants.

        On the bright side (for you)- there have been increasing numbers of Mexican workers here in the last few years - so perhaps we'll get a few decent Mexican restaurants eventually. Robyn

        1. Thanks for the responses. I've tried Nopalera with the identical results that I've had at many Mexican places here...all dishes with beef use the get that meat out of the same pot, no matter what the dish...taco, burrito, enchilada, etc. At several places I've been to, they even put that horrid stuff into a chile releno! Oh, Lord forbid!!! I have to agree with pvgirl. Probably nothing authentic yet. I'll keep having to slave away at my electric stove...but then, that's another gripe! (NO gas here!!!) LOL

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            No gas lines here for the most part (there are some in a few developments) - although some people cook with gas using propane tanks buried in the ground. When we built our house - we passed on the tank in the ground - since the water table is so high. Robyn

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              You can still get gas in the older neighborhoods like Springfield or Riverside.

          2. find Pepe's Hacienda off University blvd and old St Augustine rd. They're in the Fred's shopping center.
            3615 Dupont Ave
            Jacksonville, FL 32217
            (904) 636-8131

            Probably the best true Mexican restaurant hidden in town. Very cheap food but they're all a plate full, I mean, fork and knife burritos for $4. They're also a market too where you can buy fresh chorizo and stuffs.

            The chain restaurant La Nopalera is decent too, just haven't been there after discovering Pepe's.

            1. I checked out this post bc I agree that there is nothing stand out in Jax. Will check out Pepe's though.

              As far as cooking with gas, I have a tank hidden in the azalea bushes and it works great. Line runs to fireplace, pool, kitchen - even a stop at the site of future outdoor kitchen.