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Dec 29, 2006 06:28 AM

City Bakery - closed, or closed but reopening?

I've tried twice in the last four days to drop by City Bakery for one of those insanely good apple butter stuffed ginger cookies (or, a pretzel croissant or a melted choc. cookie). Once at 830AM and again at 4PM. I've been surprised both times to find the lights out, chairs stacked and doors bolted. Never mind the fact that I have just admitted to being surprised by the same situation twice (it's a sleep deprivation side effect, I'm pretty sure), but what's up with the City Bakery?

Is this the long-heralded "terrible waste of space/so outlandishly expensive" issue finally coming home to roost, or are they just taking the holiday week off? There was no sign in the door (neither north nor south) indicating the former.

I hope they stay open. Obvious gripes aside, CB does offer killer pastries and treats unmatched by the other neighborhood options (Mrs. Beasleys or Starbucks).

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  1. Not sure if this is helpful, but I was at the Brentwood location on Wednesday, Dec 20th and all seemed normal...

    1. I wouldn't be surprised if they're just closed between Christmas and New Year's. I've been interested in the stuffed gingerbread cookies... will definitely have to try one.

      I'm still not sure why City Bakery suffers so many complaints here. I really like the salad bar offerings and the baked goods are, for the most part, delicious. Although why the tarts are only offered on weekends is beyond me.

      1. No worries! Heard they're just closed from xmas until the 28th.
        Should be back open today! Can't wait to have their tarts.

        1. Yeah, they've been closed for a few days between holidays. They're open this Sat. and Sun. for limited hours...and will be back full force after Jan. 1.

          1. Dropped in today and sure enough they were open for business (and as busy as I've ever seen them). Glad they're back.