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Dec 29, 2006 06:12 AM

Help! Need kosher catering (full service) for sunday brunch on a budget

I've been having some difficulty finding a restaurant or caterer who can do off-premises dairy brunch for under $25/head incl. service. Dairy King and Levy's Italian (Manalapan) have come in under that, and Menagerie slightly over. I am not from this area, so would really appreciate your input, either about any of the above options or someone else.


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  1. Try Hunki's in Plainview, Long Island. Steve does an excellent job.

    1. We used Capstone Caterer (formerly Mom's Bagels) for catering twice, and were really pleased. Bagels, assorted smoked fish and fish salads, egg salad, fruit salad, delicious little muffins and pastries, juice and coffee. Very attractively set up and everything was tasty. Waiter service is available, but we didn't need it. All of the serving and eating materials like plates and utensils were disposable, so we were able to take care of that. (I'll confess that my favorite part was the leftover mini-muffins and pastries, which we got to take home after the breakfast) Their number is 212-494-0440.

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        Thanks for the tip. I spoke with them today and he's going to send me a proposal - apparently northern NJ is within their range.

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          One recommendation: be very explicit about what you need in terms of service. We didn't prearrange for them to set up, and found out that they were planning on dropping off the food and not setting it up. We hadn't requested full service because we were in a synagogue and didn't need it. Discuss fully with them what you need for set-up, full service, cleanup, etc. (I didn't mention this before because I'd forgotten, but just got reminded)

      2. As I mentioned earlier, Hunki's of Plainview does excellent catering. They provide good service and are easy to work with. Here is the link:

        1. Capstone - Mom's - Out of Business

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            Not as of Friday. I called their number to doublecheck before I posted it here.

          2. Try Back to Nature on Kings Highway in Brooklyn. Should work for you.

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              Thanks to all of you for your posts and your help!!! Much appreciated. In my haste, I neglected to mention my location - Ridgewood, NJ. I am not sure if it's worth it for Brooklyn/LI caterers to shlep out to northern NJ with all the waitstaff (I am expecting more than 200 people so will definitely need full service) but I will check. In the meantime, got a very nice proposal from Levy's (Manalapan) so that's a start. Thanks again and Happy (Secular) New Year to everyone.

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                I had never heard of this place before but what a great idea! My fiance and I love health food and it never occurred to us we might find that in an actual Kosher restaurant. I talked to Albert and he partners with someone else to do the off-premises work, so I'll let you know if this works out! Thanks for your help. Rebecca