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Dec 29, 2006 05:18 AM

Bistro B (DFW)

I've seen several people mention Bistro B as a good Vietnamese place in Garland, but nothing specific or detailed. Any recommendations of what to get there? What is the restaurant itself like?

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      1. The atmosphere:
        B.B. is very clean and bright. It does get a bit loud and the place is usually packed, so you might have to wait a bit for a table.

        The waitstaff is friendly but busy. It may take a bit to catch your server's attention, but they are always nice and accommodating. Some speak English better than others, but you shouldn't have any difficulty ordering since everything on the menu is listed by number.

        I've heard it's BYOB, but I've never seen anyone with alcohol.

        The food:
        My husband and I really like their appetizers. They have a unique assortment of rice paper rolls (not fried) that are different, but excellent. The barbecue pork is our favorite. The only roll I wasn't crazy about had some stringy dried meat in it.

        We also like the Queen fried rice on a hot plate which comes to your table sizzling on a cast-iron pan. If you let it sit, the rice will crisp up (yum). It also stays warm for at least 20 minutes! To make it even better, I recommend you ask for it with Vietnamese sausage added.

        Some dishes we weren't crazy about was the seafood pancake (tasty, but way too greasy) and the seafood crispy noodle (too bland).

        The desserts are also unique but very good. If you like coconuts, my favorite dessert is a whole young coconut that has been filled with coconut gelatin made from real coconut water. The young coconut meat left inside is very soft, so you just scrape it out with a spoon.

        The menu is full of pictures, so you can also just experiment on your own. If you go with a few other people, they also have many dinner combo specials that look good (and cheap!).

        We've only been to B.B. four times, so there are still many things we'd like to try ourselves.

        1. Thanks for the report!

          1. B.B. is known for their "nem nuong" (the grilled pink pork sausage rolls). The roll itself is not quite special but the sauce is. They have to ship that sauce from California where B.B. original comes from just so they can keep the recipe secret. I like B.B. better than the one in California (it's called Brodard there, not Bistro B). I just hate the noise and waiting time here.

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              Are the grilled pork sausage rolls what B.B. calls their Nha Trang rolls? I think it's there #1 selling roll and it comes with a tasty peanut sauce.

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                They have a Bodard in Houston as well. I believe the Houston location has been open for about 3 - 4 years. I asked one of the ladies that works at the Dallas location and she confirmed they are the same. I thought the food there was just ok but those crunchy rolls with the sauce were really good.

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                  The nem nuong rolls are very good. That's the main reason I eat there. I didn't know they shipped the sauce!