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Dec 29, 2006 04:35 AM

Modesto Dim Sum - Dynasty.

Thanks to Mike who posted about this place. We went to Yosemite for Christmas and stopped by for some dim sum. It's on Coffee Rd. and Standiford. Standiford exit off Hwy 99.

This place's been opened for about 6 months. It's smallish, about 25 tables. But it has surprisingly cart service. There are 40 dim sums on it's menu. You can also order off the menu. The quality of the dim sum is comparable to some of the better places in SF and Sacto, with not as much variety. The owner was in front and his brother was the chef. He told us about the high quality of pork he uses for the shui mai, and comped us a plate. It is indeed leaner and more flavorful than some of the shui mai we had at other places.

Overall, if we live in Modesto, we'd be very very happy to have this place for Chinese food. They only have dim sum on weekends.

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  1. Peter and Mike, did you get a look at the regular menu? I am going to be there during the week so I will miss out on the dim sum (darn) but would be willing to give it a try for the regular menu. I'd be interested in your thoughts on that. Thanks

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      Sorry did not have an opportunity to look at the regular menu. From what we can see in Modesto, this is likely the best Chinese place for miles around.

    2. Dim Sum is available everyday that Dynasty is open. Check it out. It compares favorably with the Bay Area.

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        Dang! Finally decent Dim Sum in Modesto a year after I move away. Modesto tends to have pretty hideous Chinese food-- not a strength of the area. Thankfully there is decent Thai and Vietnamese food in Modesto. Helped me through my 10 year stay there.

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          Owner of Dynasty told me that enough Chinese residents have moved in from the San Francisco area in the past couple of years to warrant full dim sum service. (Dinner menu is authentic only.) Guess you were swimming against the tide by leaving.

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            Modesto actually has a tradition of Chinese residents since the turn of the 20th century. There is an active Stanislaus County Chinese Association and a wonderful Lotus Garden just north of Modesto that the association supports. The big population flux in has been southeast Asians, hence the amazing Thai and Vietnamese resturants. Also a pretty large Lao, Hmong and Cambodian.population.

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              Most Central Valley towns have had some historic Chinese influence and population but Modesto has apparently just reached the critical mass to support authentic Chinese food. Same seems to be the case with Bakersfield's Grandview Asian Cuisine.

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                Actually there is a place on Yosemite road that predates the Dim Sum places by several years. Parents of former patients' of mine run the place. They have Dim Sum there as well. The name is escaping me for now. The neighborhood is a tad roof/ bordering the Airport district but there are several other ethnic resturants nearby.

                I found their food and the food at the Szechuan place on McHenry to be the tastiest. Still not my favorite, but would work well in a pinch. The Szechuan place has been around for more than 11 years.

                I think the owners of both places might take umbrage at being told their food is not authentic. Modestans tend to be very touchy about BATS (Bay Area Transplants). You have to tread lightly about talking about population increases and newcomers to the area:

                1. re: drmimi

                  Hi Dr. Mimi,
                  Kindly post the names of the restaurant in Yosemite Road and Szechuan place in McHenry as soon as you remember them.

                  1. re: docteban

                    On Dynasty, if you want real Chinese food and not American Chinese, you have to pick from their Chinese menu or specials on the board.

      2. I finally had the opportuniy to eat at Dynasty! My last trip there on a Monday, they were closed! But I went for lunch and had the option of orderiing from their regular menu or ordering dim sum. The waiters spoke to me in Chinese and they recommended dim sum so that is what I had and with no regrets! I went on a weekday so I can't speak for what the weekend dimsum service is like. I had to order my dim sum from a printed menu. Since I was by myself, I couldn't order as much as I would have if I had been with a group. However, I ordered siu mai, what I consider to be a standard measure of any restaurant's dim sum, and then some very adventurous items: chiu chow turnover, stuffed mushrooms and stuffed bean curd sheets. Also, I was surpised that I ordered a rare tea and the owner/manager got it for me without hesitation. I found the food to be excellent, far better than anything that I can find in Sacramento and rivaling the quality at the best SF places as reported by PeterL and others. What a great surprise! The owner stopped by my table when he noticed I didn't have tea. I asked for my favorite, one that is not available except in the best SF restaurants and when he siad he would gladly bring it, I knew I had found a true dimsum place! Prices were good; not as reasonable as my favorites in SF but far better than I can find in Sacramento with excellent quality! Thanks for this rec to all of the chowhounds who turned me on to this place!


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