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Dec 29, 2006 04:30 AM

Cheese/Wine Bar

I'm looking for a cheese & wine bar with a good ambiance though I guess a cheese & wine bar would imply such a thing anyways. =P I don't really want to go to a regular restaurant and order a cheese plate, since that would be all that we'd order. Anyways, any suggestions?

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  1. You might try Nose on Colorado in Pasadena (well, wait till after New Years). Note: they are serious about the wine.

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    1. re: mc michael

      I second the Nose - though I'd imagine Vertical Wine Bar would have a pretty serious collection too.

      Red White + Bluezz may be more appropriate for the less experienced, they have cheese flights to complement their wine ones (you can order them a la carte, of course).


      1. re: AquaW

        I would agree with you gneerally about RW&B, though I had some St. Andre there the other night that did not impress.

    2. AOC has a great cheese bar in the back of the restaurant - no reservations required.

      1. Lou (at Melrose and Vine) always has amazing cheese. Plus, now he has a regular-sized cheese plate (with about 5 different cheeses), and a "groaning" cheese plate with even more. Yum!

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          Another option, if you're looking for a mid-day place, is The Little Next Door ( - I don't remember how extensive their cheese selection is, but I do remember seeing a cheese plate when there. And there is wine also, but it closes on the early side.

          Also, Joan's on Third has a nice cheese selection. No wine, unfortunately. But! As it's on my drive home, I (far too often) get the $12 cheese plate to go, which is three kinds of cheeses (generously cut), marcona almonds, and fruit paste. They're very friendly, even when super-crowded, always offering tastes of their suggestions.

        2. I have not been myself, but I have heard many nice things about Cube. I believe it is BYO, though.

          1. My boyfriend and I aren't big wine drinkers (or very experienced), we're just big cheese eaters. We like to pair wine with our cheese and not cheese with our wine. ;)