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Dec 29, 2006 04:16 AM

Jerusalem Steakhouse in Cedarhurst (Five Towns, NY)

The Jerusalem Steakhouse (same owners as the Avenue J location) opened in Cedarhurst recently. I had the lamb/turkey schwarma and Yemenite soup. The soup was very good. However, the schwarma was on the bland side. They have lunch specials on entrees and sandwiches. Their soup gives me hope that I was there on an off schwarma day.

I saw the menu for Al HaAish (located in Lawrence in the Five Towns Deli location). The entrees looked interesting. I was dissapointed that their lunch menu consists only of sandwiches and not entrees like Jerusalem Steakhouse.

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  1. been to jerusalem steakhouse in cedarhurst twice since it opened. i was extramely happy with the food, but i ordered to go, so i cant vouch for the service.


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        no selection, bad service, and no one speaks english,

        i ordered a hot dog and chicken fingers to go, they packaged my hot dog right away and then i waited 25 minutes for the fingers. by the time it was ready the hot dog was cold.

        1. re: kiddush hopper

          Thanks. I was thinking of going there until I read your post.

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            you are much better off going to jerusalem steakhouse

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              Kiddush hopper........ stop being a follower! Be a leader! Try things out for yourself in life.

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          Listen jeterfan..... u dont want to wait then call in a order. If u want microwave speed, get a microwave dinner! When ever i call in, i get my food right away. The food is out of this world. Better than any other generic kosher steak house. I heard that there also installing shawarma machines, which im very excitied for.

      2. I passed the Jerusalem steakhouse before it opened and, correct me if I am wrong, but I thought the prices were on the high side, especially considering the size and the ambiance of the store. I believe they were charging $33 for a rib steak. When I saw the sign I assumed that it would be a location where one can obtain a good steak at a low price by forgoing the price one pays for the atmosphere of the establishment.

        Now there are times when I want to eat at, say, Bistro Grill (whose DelMonico I just love), but at the same time I just want to eat a good steak without the wait at a much lower cost.

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        1. re: MartyB

          i think ur right, i dont remebr the prices b/c my company was paying, but i think it was on the high side

        2. The prices at Jerusalem Steakhouse are not cheap. I would only recommend going there for lunch and getting one of their lunch specials. A more reasonable costing Israeli place on Long Island is either Shishkabob Steakhouse in Oceanside or Merrick Grill in Merrick. The food in either place is as tasty as J Steakhouse.

          1. I took out from Al-Ha-Aish on Sunday night. I was NOT impressed with the food. Kabobs were too salty and the appetizers too greasy. Food was packaged right away and everything was still hot.