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Dec 29, 2006 04:03 AM

Cooking 101 at Institute of Culinary Education

Has anyone taken this course, or the next step up, "Techiniques in Fine Cooking"?

I'm really sick of the nasty takeout/delivery in my neighborhood (East Williamsburg / West Bushwick)... Though I'd try to learn how to cook, but seriously I can barely make an edible fried egg.

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  1. I took a 5 week class in Italian cooking earlier this year at ICE and really enjoyed it - great instructors (including one week Alexandra Guarnaschelli of Butter) and GREAT food. They don't skimp on ingredients either - we had lobster for a seafood stew one of the weeks. Some people in my class had taken Techniques of Fine Cooking and said that they had really liked it as well. I would definitely take another class there.

    1. are the classes really expensive?

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        I actually thought my class was surprisingly cheap for all you got. I can't remember exactly whaty I paid, but I found it very reasonable for 5, 5 hour classes and high quality ingredients and equipment (plus wine for eating everything we cooked).

      2. thnx. i'll check their website. i remember eating at their restaurant downtown many yrs ago.

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          It sounds as though you are confusing ICE with the French Culinary Institute, which is in SoHo and has a student run restaurant. ICE is on 23rd St., near 6th Av., and has never had a restaurant.

        2. yup. you are correct. we had dinner at the FCI restaurant in SoHo. i was unsure as i was typing my previous response so i sort of anticipated this correction. Thanks!!

          1. My daughter took a one-week intensive Italian cooking class there last winter and loved it. She made a wide variety of dishes and really liked the teacher (don't remember his name -- he's written a cookbook based on Union Square Greenmarket offerings). In fact, that first class at ICE inspired my daughter so much that she's starting full time at the Culinary Institute of America next week!