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Dec 29, 2006 03:53 AM


My boyfriend and I will be spending the 5th - 8th of january in D.C. and I'd like to take him out Saturday night for a romantic but not TOO pricy dinner for his birthday.... any suggestions???

.... my tireless searching on the internet has left me empty handed :o(

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  1. RobertoandNiki, give us a price range and specific cuisines and if dc specific (some posts will be about VA or MD nearby).

    romantic hmm, meaning mood, lighting, music, etc? or great chow in a pleasant atmosphere?

    in my neighborhood of adams morgan, romantic could be:

    Cashion's Eat Place ( ), reasonable price for a very good (read fine) dining experience.

    The Grill from Ipanema: good brazilean grilled meats, dark sleek decor, great bar. *cool people*. just down the street from Cashion's. again, the prices are reasonable.

    Little Fountain Cafe on 18th: small, basement place, darkly lit, quiet, great *simple* chow, on a raucous party street. prices reasonable.

    Other *romantic* Places in DC:

    Restaurant Nora near Dupont Circle a bit pricey but worth it. one of the first *organic* restaurants in the area.

    Tabard Inn right in downtown DC. i haven't been there in years but the location (in a hidden courtyard) and decor were lucious. the food then was good too, Nora from above cooked there for a while.

    It's too cold now, but visitors like the top of the Washington Hotel overlooking the White House and the twinkling lights below. during the summers my visiting friends found the place enchanting though the chow was pedestrian.

    anyhow, let us know what you're looking for.

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    1. re: PakaloloDreams

      I went to Tubard Inn a little over a month ago and wasn't impressed. People keep on raving about it and I don't get it. We were sat in a very noisy room, and the food was good, but not great.

      1. re: Jacey

        I'm with you. Although yes, it is romantic, I don't think anything of the food at the Tabard Inn. Brunch is nice, but dinner is over priced and overwrought.

      2. re: PakaloloDreams

        I'd read my review of Tabard Inn from last night before considering it.

        Restaurant Nora is very expensive for what it is, and the food simply isn't that good. I think Asia Nora, her other restaurant, is significantly better, but still a bit overpriced for what it is.

      3. With no further guidance as to price, cuisine, I recommend:

        Asia Nora [a favorite romantic place; American cuisine with an asian twist]--more romantic than Restaurant Nora but same owner

        Gerard's or Marcel's [both French]

        Tabard Inn

        Restauant 701 [Ameriucan cuisine, quiet, piano bar, underrated]

        Do a search on this topic within CHowhound; the topic has arisen a number of times

        1. I think any restaurant with a fireplace has a headstart on a romantic atmosphere. Restaurants coupling a fireplace with good food would include Circle Bistro, La Chaumiere, 1789, and Tabard Inn. Do any of these fit your price range?

          1. OK Some more specifics would be helpful but Al Crostino on U street is small and pretty romantic. It is very reasonably priced and the food is quite good.

            1. As for specifics

              Umm under $50 a person... nice lighting... GREAT food (he's a chef of chinese food for eight years now.. so he's definitely picky as far as cusine goes)

              I'm not too picky on the ethnicity behind the food -- we're adventuresome and always open to new things and suggestions

              Somewhere where jeans are frowned upon... lol JUST ONCE!!! I'd like to make him wear something other than jeans!!!

              So hopefully that helps a bit! :o)