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Dec 29, 2006 03:52 AM

Suggestions for Small Plates

Preferrably in the Los Feliz/Hollywood area. Taking a friend out for dinner as a post xmas/pre new year's gift. Another friend recently had the gastric bypass 3 months ago, want to stick with small plates and the option for wine and a full bar (if possible). Any suggestions?

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  1. the food is not mindblowing but generally decent and the wine bar is realtively nice so a good choice could be Cobras and Matadors (on hollywood between vermont and hillhurst); I beleive they are a strictly small plates format (all I've ever had there).

    Also, there is Vinoteca on Hillhurst which has a lovely setting and seemingly endless amounts of by-the-glass wines. I think they are attached to the brazilian joint next door, so you can order a full size entree or keep it small and nosh-y with items like cheese plates and such.


    1. Thanks. I thought about Cobras and Matadors but I've already been there a few times and wanting to try something new. Any thoughts on the Lounge at Opus vs small plates at Lou?

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        I was going to suggest Lou, except for your request that the place you go have a full bar, which I believe they do not. It's also not in the Silverlake area (more Hollywood).

        Here's a link to Lou's webpage, with menu:

        It looks like they've expanded their menu and changed some items, but I had a fantastic smoked salmon appetizer when I was there, and the bistro salad is always interesting and good. They are very generous with their cheese plates, too.

      2. Ciudad on Sundays (when they do tapas) may be a good option - they have a good wine list & some nice full-bar cocktails, but alas it's downtown.


        1. Wait...isn't Cobras and Matadors on Beverly between Fairfax and Gardner? Or are there two?

          Wide Eyed Raven

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          1. It's not in Silverlake/Hollywood area, but I would definitely recommend Upstairs 2 (it's 'upstairs' from the Wine House). Also Bin 8945 in West Hollywood is fabulous.