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Suggestions for Small Plates

Preferrably in the Los Feliz/Hollywood area. Taking a friend out for dinner as a post xmas/pre new year's gift. Another friend recently had the gastric bypass 3 months ago, want to stick with small plates and the option for wine and a full bar (if possible). Any suggestions?

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  1. the food is not mindblowing but generally decent and the wine bar is realtively nice so a good choice could be Cobras and Matadors (on hollywood between vermont and hillhurst); I beleive they are a strictly small plates format (all I've ever had there).

    Also, there is Vinoteca on Hillhurst which has a lovely setting and seemingly endless amounts of by-the-glass wines. I think they are attached to the brazilian joint next door, so you can order a full size entree or keep it small and nosh-y with items like cheese plates and such.


    1. Thanks. I thought about Cobras and Matadors but I've already been there a few times and wanting to try something new. Any thoughts on the Lounge at Opus vs small plates at Lou?

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        I was going to suggest Lou, except for your request that the place you go have a full bar, which I believe they do not. It's also not in the Silverlake area (more Hollywood).

        Here's a link to Lou's webpage, with menu:


        It looks like they've expanded their menu and changed some items, but I had a fantastic smoked salmon appetizer when I was there, and the bistro salad is always interesting and good. They are very generous with their cheese plates, too.

      2. Ciudad on Sundays (when they do tapas) may be a good option - they have a good wine list & some nice full-bar cocktails, but alas it's downtown.


        1. Wait...isn't Cobras and Matadors on Beverly between Fairfax and Gardner? Or are there two?

          Wide Eyed Raven

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          1. It's not in Silverlake/Hollywood area, but I would definitely recommend Upstairs 2 (it's 'upstairs' from the Wine House). Also Bin 8945 in West Hollywood is fabulous.

            1. not quite in Hollywood but pretty close

              Minibar Lounge on Cahuenga

              Its pretty good, cute & fun location, and wine for sure

              1. Big Bar, Small Plates...Hungry Cat if U can get in, Mako if you can afford it, Bridge if you can stand it, Katana or Koi if you don't like Japanese food and Izayoi if you do. Not sure about Izayoi for Full Bar. Oh yeah, Opus Tasting Menu works.

                  1. Thanks. Been to a number of these places in the past, but will be trying out Opus tonight! :)

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                      I can't contribute suggestions, as I live in NYC, but as an almost five year post-op gastric bypass success story (and food lover), I want to tell you that I think it is very sweet of you to consider a small plate place for your friend!