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Dec 29, 2006 03:50 AM

La Parrilla- Silverlake

Had friends in town last night and we wound up running out to La Parrilla on Sunset. I've been eating at this place since 2000, but hadn't been in well over 6 months. It had been a staple in the past, but was replaced by other fairer, newer restaurants, and I was expecting a decent meal but nothing special. To my surprise, the place has much improved- it wasn't bad before, but the cooking is up a couple of notches.

Some notes-
Guacamole- freshly made, excellent as ever
Chicken quesadilla- nice grilled chicken in the quesadilla- clearly marinated, cooked perfectly, juicy with a little crust
Queso fundido con chorizo- good, now with some very nice corn tortillas- not handmade, but rustic and full flavored, better than what they used to have
Platon de patron- plate of cooked meats- nicely marinated, thinly sliced beef and pork and a chunk of chorizo
Rib-eye- thinly sliced steak slathered in an adobo-variant. Delicious
Beef Milanesa- nicely done, nothing spectacular
Sides were great- nice flavor to the rice (cooked in chicken stock maybe?), and tasty beans with some smokey pork in them

Altogether, really impressive. I stopped to ask on the way out and it turns out there's someone new in the kitchen- clearly they know how to cook. Worth a stop by if you haven't been there in a while.


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  1. ive been told that la parilla on cesar chavez is loads better. maybe i'll try the silverlake one again

    1. I was there for lunch yesterday. My friend had a cheese and chorizo do-it-yourself wrap thing; I had a humongous carne asada burrito (had the second half for dinner tonight); we split a big bowl of guacamole; and all was right with the world on a grey, damp Wednesday afternoon.

      It's one of my friend's favorite places. And while she's an Anglo, she speaks fluent Spanish and Portuguese, and travels South of the border frequently. And she likes to eat. In other words, if it's "authentic" enough for her, I'm not one to argue. To me, it's just good.

      There's lots of fancier and more expensive stuff on the menu, and one of these days I'm going to try some more.

      1. Where is this place?

        1. i like this place a lot, but it has been inconsistent for me. the molcajetes, when you're there on a good day, are excellent. i want to try the one echoparkdirt mentioned to compare.

          1. There are others (one on Cesar Chavez), but I think this is the one we're all talking about:

            La Parrilla Restaurant
            3129 West Sunset, Los Angeles, CA 90026
            (323) 661-8055