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Dec 29, 2006 03:47 AM

Fukienese food

I've searched the site and found nothing, yet my father (with whom I'll be having dinner) swears that Manhattan's Chinatown has at least one mini-neighborhood of Fukienese food.
Is he raving?


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  1. I think you'd probably have better luck searching for Fuzhounese food. The places I know of feature food from Fuzhou, the big city in the northern part of Fujian province (using the Pinyin transliteration that's standard in Mainland China). There are several Fuzhounese places on Eldridge St. starting just north of Division.

    Here's a thread I found by searching for "Fuzhou*" in the Manhattan board:

    1. I thought something like that would be the problem! Thanks!

      1. Fujian or Fujianese would also work. You're probably using the Wade-Giles spelling. Which I sometimes do too... Peking will always be Peking to me. The main Fujianese area runs along East Broadway from Chatham to Allen, then along Eldridge north to Grand. I remember the shocked stares the Taiwanese October 10 parade got as it moved through there, because the people had just come from the People's Republic.

        Here's something from my "Guide to Chinatown" post:
        "The newest immigrants to Chinatown are from the coastal province of Fujian. Traditionally the most outward-looking province, its immigrants went to Manila and Bangkok centuries ago.In New York, though, they are the most recent arrivals and the poorest in Chinatown. They use wine a lot in their cooking, and make a bright red sauce from the lees. Most of their restaurants are concentrated around East Broadway and nearby Eldridge St. For a description of a very unusual one, see this post. Some of their shops on Eldridge St serve superb handmade noodles in soup. You can watch the chef kneading the dough and making the noodles. Here's a description: "

        1. Can somebody provide a list of dishes that would change my mind about Fujianese food? I've never been able to get it.

          1. The original comment has been removed