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Dec 29, 2006 03:15 AM

Kung Pao Bistro-Studio City Review

Just got back from a dinner with a couple other friends at Kung Pao Bistro, as long as you stick to their seafood dishes you'll leave happy with what you ordered, tradional dishes I would go elsewhere for. This is what we had and since we knew what to order I strongly suggest these to newcomers:

Wor Wonton Soup

Chicken Cold Noodles in Szechwan Peanut Sauce

Seafood Combo in Red**
Shrimp, scallops, and fish sauteed with fresh mushrooms, zucchini, water chestnuts, and cloud mushrooms in a Szechwan hot spicy garlic sauce.

Two Flavors Shrimp
Two dishes in one: sweet and pungent shrimp and sesame shrimp.



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  1. I was there on Christmas day, and also had the wor wonton soup, which is very good, as is the seafood soup if so inclined.
    But as Stuart says, their scallop, shrimp and fish dishes in general are the best items, although we also had the Hunan Lamb which is very tasty, yet surprised one guest as it was hotter than she typically likes.
    Their Orange Chicken is not all that good, yet their mango chicken is quite tasty as one of the available strays worth of trying.

    1. Carter, couldn't agree more, yet when you get that craving for Orange Chicken, believe it or not, buy the frozen Orange Chicken from Trader Joes-put it over some rice and its better then any spot in LA

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        I like the Studio City location way better than the Weho spot. I love their Twinkle Walnut Shrimp, (yeah I know the title is nuts but it is so good). It's a crispy shrimp dish with walnuts, broc, green beans and coated with a citrus mayo sauce. Fattening as hell Im sure but it is great every time. Have you ever tried it Carter Or Hypnotic23?

        1. re: Mr Dan

          I have tried it many times, and agree that it is very good, yet without 4 or so people at the table, it is not an item to share with two. Besides, I typically do not like many mayo-based foods as a concept, Chinese or otherwise.
          As to Stuart's thoughts on Orange Chicken, I really do not like the dish at all, yet acquiesce to the desires of others at the table if that is what is preferred. I just eat one bite and go on to the balance of the items on the table.
          Their brown rice is also quite good.

      2. I agree - their seafood is good but they need to improve on thir Orange Chicken.

        My husband and I love their Thruee Musketeers (beef, chicken, and Shrimp Kung Pao). I like their chowmen, too.

        I am relly picky about Moo Shu (my favorite is Moo Shu Pork). I am really disappointed with their Moo Shus. JR Seafood use to make really good one, but it was before Hop Li took over the West LA location...

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          Tell them how you want it to be improved, meaning do not overcook it, which is my complaint with it, not that I am a big fan of fruit sauce with poultry in general. However, their orange chicken is better than their orange beef - cannot imagine the latter combo, regardless of who prepares it.
          What is wrong with the mooooooshooooo? I have liked it generally, yet hardly a favorite on that extensive menu, and seldom ordered unless desired by companions for a given night.

          1. re: Ashibi

            i won't be returning to kung pao bistro, due to their inability to make their namesake dish. kung pao is NOT supposed to be sweet, let alone have mushrooms or zuchini. for much better chinese in the area, go to china lites at laurel canyon and chandler.

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              I'm sorry, but I tried lites, and found it dreadful and minus two ambiance. Never to return.

              1. re: carter

                That's exactly how I feel about Kung Pao Bistro, except they do have the decor -- but I don't want to pay Studio City prices for dreadful food and fancy decor.