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Dec 29, 2006 02:58 AM

Sushi House of Orlando - AYCE Monday night

I will be visiting Orlando next month and wanted to have some sushi there. I narrowed it down to 2 options: Crazy Buffet, which I have been to before and Sushi House of Orlando, which has $25 All you can eat on Monday nights. I am wondering if anyone has been there recently and can let me know how big the selection is for the AYCE option? For example is the spider roll or Ikura included? Thanks for any help.

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  1. I am familiar with Crazy Buffet. I know of Sushi House of Orlando only second-handedly, primarily from others who have posted here and by reading some of the guest comments posted on various Web sites about the restaurant.

    Between the two, I would tend toward the latter, as the overall comments and feel of Sushi House of Orlando seem a little more positive -- especially if your goal is to consume humongous portions of sushi.

    May I ask?

    Why the emphasis of quantity? It would seem to me that in any all-you-can-eat situation, be it steak or lobster or caviar or sushi, the implication is that of lower quality items.

    Does the concept of a smaller amount of more expensive, better prepared sushi have any appeal to you?


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    1. re: Bob Mervine

      I think that's a reasonable question. There is no doubt that you sacrifice quality at a buffet. I have tried lots of sushi buffets, and they range from quite good (Minado) to not so good. I don't eat tremendous amounts of food, but I do enjoy the variety you can get at a buffet. A la carte, I might only order 4 different types of sushi, but at a buffet I might try 10 different types.

      Anyway, when I was out in Las Vegas I tried a sushi place called Koto recommended on Chowhound. It was a little 12 table restaurant. One of the things they had, in addition to the regular menu was a $25 sushi menu (about 40+ choices) which was all you can eat. You could basically choose from any sushi on the menu and it was made to order. It was amazing compared to any buffet, and certainly proved your point that buffets serve lower quality sushi. That was the beginning of my new quest, that the best compromise for me between a buffet and a high end sushi place were places that were mostly A la carte restaurants, but had made to order sushi as an AYCE option. I have tried a few in Chicago, and enjoyed them immensely. But so far, none have been as good as Koto.

      So, the long winded answer to the question is that of course, if price were no matter, a smaller quantity of better prepared sushi would be great. But, the fact is, many high end sushi restaurants can quickly reach the stratosphere in price, so somewhere there must be a balance. I can accept that some people put little value on quantity. To me, for sushi it's a balance between price, quality and quantity. Though quite rare for an A la carte Japanese restaurant to offer an AYCE option, I have found that the ones that do for the most part are pretty good. If I end up going to Sushi House, I will certainly post my review.

      1. re: TDS1

        Were there to be a sushi restaurant here that offered a 40-item, all you can eat, prix fixe option, I would have to try it.

        Alas, I know of none.

        There is a place called Bikuri Sushi on Colonial just east of the Vietnamese restaurant concentration at 1915 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando, FL 32803, 407-894-4494 that offers pre-set platters. They have a 32 piece rolled sushi platter and a 72 piece rolled sushi and nigiri platter that are pretty reasonable. Most of the menu is to go, there are only a couple of seats. I have not eaten here, but what I hear from others fits your requirements quite nicely.

        I'd expect it to be somewhat below standard for top-grade sushi, but as Voodoo Lou points out, there is a place in the world for "more is better."


    2. [Cheap-ass sushi-lovin' Lou inevitably pops up...]

      Where is this Sushi House of which you speak? :D

      1. 1311 Florida Mall Ave
        Orlando, FL 32809
        (407) 812-9767

        1. hm... fish markets usually don't open on Monday's, so I doubt they're serving the freshest sushi. Buffet places usually uses frozen fish.

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          1. re: travelingfood

            All fish that gets served raw in the US, with the exception of tuna must be frozen first to kill parasites, per FDA rules. Any sushi or ceviche place that doesn't do so is breaking federal law.

            All sushi places -- except maybe some secret mafia sashimi speakeasies -- use frozen fish. Buffets use low-quality frozen fish.


          2. Did you end up going to the Sushi House? I will be going to Orlando for the first time in January and am always looking for a great sushi place to try...thanks!