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Dec 29, 2006 02:56 AM

Dosa Diner is closed

I drove from Brooklyn tonight to check it out, only to find it shuttered, w/a hand-written sign that said "closed for renovations". No re-opening date. We were so sad and had a total dosa craving. After 10 or 15 minutes of wandering, unable to find a South Indian restaurant, we wound up at Jackson Diner, which does have dosas. And they were decent.

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  1. Gosh, that's really unfortunate! I've been suffering from a dosa craving for quite a while now and we were totally going to go this weekend. I hope they do actually reopen -- and soon!

    1. Haven't been to JH in a couple weeks, but maybe someone else knows whether they're open yet, or when / if they will. I totally miss the rava dosa with chili paneer. Any suggestions for other dosas in the area? We went to dimple a while ago and were underwhelmed, but there must be somewhere else worth trying.

      1. I only tried this place once and wasn't overly impressed. I prefer the dosas at Rajbog around the corner...I don't think they have as many choices as Dosa Diner but what they do have is worlds better.

        1. Go to House of Dosas down the street. We prefer Dosa Diner, but it's not a bad substitute. Hopefully nothing changes for the worse when they reopen.

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            um, they reopened about five years back... :)

            (note date of the thread above)

            the place is now called dosa delight, and i think it's a notch better than dosa diner. check it out if you're in the area