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Dec 29, 2006 02:45 AM

Beers with cork/ best method for opening?

I've got a few bottles from Unibroue recently that are nearly impossible to open. Just can't get a grip on it. I know I should be opening it like I would a champagne, but we're going on 15 minutes with no luck.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Run the neck of the beer bottle near the cork under hot water for a minute, dry it off, then give it another go.

    1. i use pliers to get a good grip, and gently rock it back and forth as I try to pull. Corkscrews don't help.

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      1. re: kenito799

        "Corkscrews don't help."

        They do if you should twist the cork in half- the "bulb" in your hand, the rest still in the bottle <g>.

        Otherwise, I agree with pliers to grip the cork (or, at least, a kitchen towel between the cork and hand), remember to twist the bottle and hold the cork and pull the bottle away (not the other way around).

      2. Slowly twist as you pull the cork away from the bottle. Works for me, i drin plenty of Unibroue

        1. Hold the cork in one hand and twist the bottle, just as you would for a sparkling wine or champagne.

          1. You can get a good grip on the cork by laying a piece of paper towel over it before you grip it.