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Dec 29, 2006 02:33 AM

Best Dallas Bakeries

Need to get a cake for an upcoming anniversary party, good suggestions on Dallas (preferably N. Dallas/Plano location) bakeries? Does anyone know of any places that have green tea cakes? Thanks

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  1. Try out this place. They have awsome pastries. I don't know, if they have green tea cakes, but they might make one for you, if you ask.

    Voila French Bakery Bistro
    1201 W McDermott Dr
    Allen, TX 75013
    (972) 747-1272

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    1. re: AMav

      I would say that Voila is very good, but not worth that drive if you're not nearby. I had a pain au chocolat and a half pan bagnat for lunch today. The bread was good, but not stellar. Also, it was on something that was more like focaccia than a baguette, which is what I think of when I think of pan bagnat. All the components of the sandwich were fresh and good quality, except the tuna was a little sparse. A major plus was the use of what appeared to be nicoise olives. The half sandwich was 3.99, which was a wonderful deal for the amount of food. The pain au chocolat was quite flaky, but the layers were a little tough and the taste lacked much character in general. There was also not much chocolate. They had a few desserts on display as well. I didn't try anything, but their napoleons looked particularly good.

      If you're making a drive for a French Bakery I'd recommend Main Street Bakery in Grapevine. I believe they have one in Plano as well, but i haven't been there. As for cakes I'm sure there's a number of places to get better cakes than either of these places are likely to make, considering their focus on pastries and breads.

      1. re: kindofabigdeal

        I've had mixed success with Main Street Bakery lately, so i can't recommend it quite as highly anymore.

      1. re: Scott

        At 10:30 this morning I popped into DoughMonkey to get a sampler of their cookies and pasteries. Unfortunately that place was cleaned out after the Valentines rush.. The only items remaining were some cookies, tarts, scones, and croissants. I opted to get some cookies, a pecan tart, and a croissant. On my way out of the parking lot I couldn't resist the temptation to try the croissant. First bite brought an instant grin to my face. After the second bite I started to giggle (I wish I could find a more manly term, but that's what I did). The croissant wasn't too flaky/crusty, not too pillowy/soft, and thankfully, not too buttery.
        Balance = Bliss.
        The passerbys who saw me eating this croissant probaly thought I was high and was satisfying my munchies. So if anyone saw me eating a croissant in a black 4-Runner on Hillcrest around 10:30, grinning and laughing, that was me.

        1. re: adkim

          Good story! When you get a chance, go back for a Croissant aux Amandes. The one I had there was wonderful.

          1. re: interference

            Hum very interesting will have to try it. It's much closer than doughmonkey, even though it's not close to Kuby's :-)

            1. re: interference

              will do! I tried to get a full sampler of their items on Sunday morning, but unfortunately they were closed. I saw a restaurant on the corner of Snider Plaza that had a line that extended outside. Anyone know the name of the place? I believe it had green trim on the outside...

              1. re: adkim

                hmm well let's see their is
                Balls that's off on a side street.
                Bubbas that off on Hilcrest
                Some oriental place kind of in the middle
                Maybe Peggy Sues BBQ on the furtherest South corner on the left as you face south.
                Oh yah Amore Italian all though I cannot imagine them having that long a line. There is also some other cafe on the west side but I cannot think of it's name.

                1. re: irodguy

                  It wasn't Peggy's and the line was for breakfast... around 8 in the morning. darn. I should've checked it out when I drove through Snider Plaza today...

                  I went to DoughMonkey again and got another croissant and some more cookies. Today's croissant wasn't as good as the first one I got from them. It was probably left in the oven a couple of minutes longer than it should have been. The snickerdoodles there are unbelievable!

                2. re: adkim

                  possibly Kuby's?? German cuisine, very tasty and a good breakfast.

            2. re: Scott

              I LOVE dough monkey and went by there today (5/4/07) to get some lemon ginger scones for a friend who had never had them and their retail operation is no longer open. They're only going to continue with their wholesale operation. Foods from Afar moved from across Snider Plaza to 2 doors down from dm and is currently selling dm cookies. I suggested they carry the whole line of tasty treats...hope they at least expand into the scones...

              1. re: ny expat

                Drip, a coffee bar on Lover's (close to the tollway) also carries a small amount of DM goods. I've seen the delicious lemon-ginger scones there on occasion, as well as cookies.

              2. re: Scott

                Doughmonkey is a true gem in Dallas, and is probably a must visit for any food related trip... or free saturday afternoon. Here's why:

                Artisan care: Very high quality ingredients used purposefully and obvious care for product from the manager to the salesperson.

                Non-novelty uniqueness: Try a muffin. The sweetness is genuine, not coying, just enough to bring out the flavors present. Honey mashmallows, rotating hot chocolates based on high quality chocolate.

                Price:While you can get a Sprinkles muffing for, what, 3.50? you can get many of doughmonkey's treats for the same price. These, without exaggeration, make Sprinkles look like grocery store treats. If they were brought to you by someone in a suit and tie you would pay no less than $15. Included in this is a complete lack of pretention.

                This place really seems to have a holistic grasp on what food is, which is causing me to have an unrealistic grasp on how much fat and sugar I should be putting in my body. It's not high end, for high end's sake. It's not flashy, for image's sake. It is what it is because that is what makes the best of that given product. This is quickly becoming my favorite food related store of any sort in the Metroplex.

                I can't recommend any single product, because everything has inspired an, "ahh... that's what ________ should taste like." Just go in, ask for a recommendation from them for the day or just close your eyes any point. I haven't had the coffee they serve yet though. I think I'm afraid that their perfection may dwindle here. Anyway, the point is, go there now.

                1. re: kindofabigdeal

                  I took my parents this weekend. Got a nice blood orange muffin, and incredibly rich dark chocolate (valhrona) éclair, and a Texas pecan something something cake that was intensely rich and chocolatey. She's got some ginger flavored marshmallows that would be INCREDIBLE in hot chocolate.

                  It was outrageously good.

                  1. re: luniz

                    I had the ginger marshmallows in the hot chocolate and it was good, but because of the complexity of the hot chocolate they sell, i felt like it kind of got in the way. This week, however, the hot chocolate has chile de arbol in it (I'm forgetting the kind of chocolate it's made with) and they're pairing that with the plain honey marshmallows. The honey and chile make a wonderful combination. I got the Bombay Chai cheesecake. It was the best chai-flavored anything I've ever had. (which is to say it had more flavor than cinnamon and anise) I also sampled the green tea coffee cake, which wasn't as good. It was not bad, but the green tea flavor didn't seem to pop out like most of their flavors do. Yes, I'm an addict, but since I can't afford to dine out at all the fancy restaurants, I'll settle for the best pastries in town, and likely a 500 mile radius. (I've had some great stuff in KC, of all places)

                    1. re: kindofabigdeal

                      Yea I can totally see that regarding the marshmallows although I haven't had her hot chocolate so I probably don't really understand how good it is. Dangit I want to try that cheesecake. Yea some of her stuff doesn't quite pop as much as others...the huckleberries in the huckleberry tart and the blood oranges in the muffin, as well as your green tea ice cream. But I bet once the real good spring stuff comes in that we won't be able to say that.

              3. The Black Forest Bakery. You won't go wrong with the Chocolate Strawberry Cream cake.

                1. I second Dough Monkey... and La Duni sells some incredible cakes.

                  1. ST Cafe / Sweet Temptations has some great cakes and also pretty darn good for lunch or dinner.