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Dec 29, 2006 12:59 AM

Santa Rosa shopping news

What's new at Montgomery Village!
Asia Gourmet, 4100 Montomery Dr., Santa Rosa, 707.537.6888

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    1. What do YOU think of the place?

      1. Cool!

        I drove past on Wednesday night too quickly to see the name and thought it was a new restaurant.

        This is the old Lad's Market location opposite Howarth Park, not in Montgomery Village.

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        1. re: Alexandra Eisler

          old Lad's Market location? where exactly? Thx.

          1. re: ChefGirl412

            I'm dating myself; the store is in the same building as the drugstore. (I think Lad's went away 15 years ago?) Here is the address:

            4100 Montgomery Dr
            Suite B
            Santa Rosa, CA 95405
            (707) 537-6888

            1. re: Alexandra Eisler

              You mean Walgreens, right? Wow, I've lived here for 23 years, and don't remember Lad's ever being over there. YIKES. Thanks for the information; I'll go this weekend.

        2. Hi-

          I love this little shop. It's right next to the Rialto Theater and Howarth Park on Montgomery Drive at Summerfield. The owners have a quirky mix of food and gifts...actually the gifts are exceptional. Both Adam & Jay Jay Dodds have great taste & offer everything from sake sets to posters to shadow puppets to an Asian-inspired consignment corner. Prices on things are very reasonable ($1.10 for a jewelry box).

          And it's wonderful to get Asian groceries on the East side of town (most markets are west of 101. The owners (who seem to be there everyday) are friendly and want to get groceries that customers want. Jay Jay is especially interested in exposing locals to Asian culture - presentation & communication both important.

          It's worth stopping in, whether you need snacks for the movies, a missing ingredient or interesting gift, cooking or art item.

          - Stephanie

          1. I just got back from checking Asia Gourmet. This is a snazzy shop unique to the Northbay, afaik. I was greeted by Jay Jay and was told to not hesitate if I had any questions, and encouraged me to take my pictures.. They have a nice mix of the usual asian staples. Their refrigerator section has noodles, kimchee, fresh veggies including galanga. There a good selection in the freezer. There's a nice selection of pots, pans, woks. I thought the ceramic bowls were very handsome, seemed to be a good price for the set. The knives looked impressive, and at what appeared nice prices too. After cruising the store and taking my photos I had a nice conversation with Jay Jay. They have not fully filled all their shelf space and are encouraging recommendations on how to fill it. Beer and wine are not available at this time, but they are looking forward to fixing that in a couple of months. They are both new to the area and they are looking to find good, inexpensive places to eat ... I recommended they get hooked up with

            I apologize for the pictures, the lens was dirty and did not realize it until I got back.


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