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Dec 29, 2006 12:46 AM

Ginger Soy Broth at Trader Joe's

Just saw this product today; has anyone tried this? Thx.

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  1. My wife and I tried a package of this broth. Tasted a lot like miso soup (the soy being the cause, obviously) except that it was "thinner tasting" than miso normally is (not a thinner texture, but a thinner taste, like diluted miso soup).

    I'm afraid I'm not very creative with basic products like this, so I couldn't think of anything to do with this broth other than to make a Japanese noodle soup, so I probably wouldn't buy it again. I'd rather just make miso which has a stronger soy flavor and a texture that I prefer. But you or others may have other ideas or be more creative.

    1. i also wasn't all that impressed with this product. it didn't taste 'fresh' even after i added fresh ginger and scallions. very thin, salty, flat flavor. i wouldn't buy it again either.

      1. I agree, not a fan. It was strangely sweet to me.

        1. I bought this on a whim and plan to use it tonight... I plan to add Mushrooms and Savory baked tofu along with Soba Noodles. I'll report back how it turns out! :)


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            Well we tried it and I really enjoyed it!! The broth was light, tasted to me mostly of soy and a hint of ginger. Not like Miso at all I think. It WAS slightly sweet (Thanks to the addition of Mirin), but it was not overwhelming or distracting. I simmered it along with the mushrooms and then in it's final simmer added the Savory Baked Tofu (Also available at TJs) And I think the addition of the two really helped add some earthiness and to balance out the flavor. And for a final herbal note, I garnished with freeze dried chives.

            Overall, I really like it. It was hearty, but light in flavor. It definatly was a great chance of pace from the holiday eatings. P. enjoyed it as well but thought it needed more salt and was a bit too 'healthy' tasting. But like me, he finished his bowl and was STUFFED...

            Here's a picture on how it all turned out...


            Next time I would toy with adding some Miso paste or a splash of fish sauce because there was no Dashi in the broth, instead it was a scant bit of sea cucumber. I would also replace the tofu with Shrimp. I think the sweetness would work well with that and poaching shrimp in the stock would add a nice flavor as well...


          2. I use this all the time for a quick healthy supper or snack. I add shrimp, spinach, mushrooms and shiritaki..all from TJs.