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Ginger Soy Broth at Trader Joe's

Just saw this product today; has anyone tried this? Thx.

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  1. My wife and I tried a package of this broth. Tasted a lot like miso soup (the soy being the cause, obviously) except that it was "thinner tasting" than miso normally is (not a thinner texture, but a thinner taste, like diluted miso soup).

    I'm afraid I'm not very creative with basic products like this, so I couldn't think of anything to do with this broth other than to make a Japanese noodle soup, so I probably wouldn't buy it again. I'd rather just make miso which has a stronger soy flavor and a texture that I prefer. But you or others may have other ideas or be more creative.

    1. i also wasn't all that impressed with this product. it didn't taste 'fresh' even after i added fresh ginger and scallions. very thin, salty, flat flavor. i wouldn't buy it again either.

      1. I agree, not a fan. It was strangely sweet to me.

        1. I bought this on a whim and plan to use it tonight... I plan to add Mushrooms and Savory baked tofu along with Soba Noodles. I'll report back how it turns out! :)


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            Well we tried it and I really enjoyed it!! The broth was light, tasted to me mostly of soy and a hint of ginger. Not like Miso at all I think. It WAS slightly sweet (Thanks to the addition of Mirin), but it was not overwhelming or distracting. I simmered it along with the mushrooms and then in it's final simmer added the Savory Baked Tofu (Also available at TJs) And I think the addition of the two really helped add some earthiness and to balance out the flavor. And for a final herbal note, I garnished with freeze dried chives.

            Overall, I really like it. It was hearty, but light in flavor. It definatly was a great chance of pace from the holiday eatings. P. enjoyed it as well but thought it needed more salt and was a bit too 'healthy' tasting. But like me, he finished his bowl and was STUFFED...

            Here's a picture on how it all turned out...


            Next time I would toy with adding some Miso paste or a splash of fish sauce because there was no Dashi in the broth, instead it was a scant bit of sea cucumber. I would also replace the tofu with Shrimp. I think the sweetness would work well with that and poaching shrimp in the stock would add a nice flavor as well...


          2. I use this all the time for a quick healthy supper or snack. I add shrimp, spinach, mushrooms and shiritaki..all from TJs.

            1. I bought a box of this too, and I was hoping to mainly use it as a broth to cook rice in for my stir-fry dishes. I've fooled around with it a little to make dipping sauces for gyoza, but I need to work on the formula.

              1. I enjoyed this too for a noodle soup,it does taste a like a sweet soy sauce but I love sweet-savory scents and flavors like that.

                I usually I add extra ground ginger when using, but it's a quick and healthy meal and a nice twist for any recipe that would call for a veggie (or maybe even chicken) broth.


                1. Eh. I needed to add tons of stuff to give it flavour - not worth it, IMO.

                  1. I recently tried the soy ginger broth for the first time. While not substantially flavorful enough to use on its own, I think that's the idea. Use it as a base to build upon. I made a stir-fry with buckwheat soba noodles, marinated chicken breast, carrots, broccoli, garlic, and ginger. About a minute before I finished the cooking process I added about a half cup of the broth combined with a teaspoon of hoisin and a small amount of slurry (water, corn starch) to thicken it up. The broth gets absorbed by the ingredients and enhances the flavor. If you want to jazz it up even more you can add toasted sesame oil or a chili garlic sauce. Finish with fresh sliced green onion and toasted sesame seeds.

                    1. I love this stuff and it hasn't been onthe shelf for the last few weeks (please don't tell me it's discontinued). I use it instead of Veggie broth in my vegetable soup and it's WONDERFUL! Adds that little extra something.

                      1. Based on this post, I bought some of this today and Im going to try it with some dried porcini and top some pizza dough with it. Looking forward to it.

                        I also saw for the first time the crushed ginger paste in the store and look forward to trying that. It seems to have simiilar consistency to the crushed garlic paste that they have which I am literally addicted to.

                        1. I tried this today and it was not worth the buy. It has no special flavor. You can make your own at home. I added more ginger, garlic, chicken and mushrooms. You couldn't really tell that I was using some flavored broth. I would not buy this again. Not even for emergencies.

                          1. This is about 2 years too late... I'm sad to say that TJ's in the Boston area will be discontinuing the Soy Ginger Broth. I just discovered it this summer. Never saw it on the shelf before then... Anyway, in a pinch, I grabbed it. A great alternative soup base for vegetarians who don't eat onion and garlic, as my friend is. Suddenly inspired, I pureed 2 lbs. of carrots and splashed some high quality orange juice along side a sprinkling of dried orange cranberries (also pureed, sort of.) Little bit of seasoning like sea salt, pepper and celery salt and voila! A tasty carrot ginger soup with a splash of orange and sweet from the cranberries. I made 3 soups that day for a big party. All 3 soups were a hit. So I'm now a big fan of this new soup base. I'm only sad that it will be difficult if not impossible to find again. Soy sauce tastes good with just about everything. Ginger is a nice touch to a lot of foods. I was just thinking to experiment with a miso version absent the dashi. But I think I will have to stick with coming up with something truly creative for my last box!

                            1. My girlfriend picked this up a while ago and am not sure what to do with it. After reading these replies, I'm a bit affraid. However, I will overcome my fear and attempt to use this broth in some kind of rice noodle soup. have only a few ingredients left in my kitchen so with what i have i will see what i can do... it seems i will need to bam this broth up a notch. will report back...

                              1. it's true that the broth is originally a bit (well, actually a lot!) boring, but you have to think of it as just a base. i simmered the broth with udon noodles, diced green onions, straw mushrooms and sesame seeds. to make the broth more tasty, i added a little soy sauce, a couple drops of toasted sesame oil and quite a bit of sriracha chili sauce (my favorite!) it would have been perfect with some tofu or shrimp!