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Dec 29, 2006 12:16 AM

Strudel goal, but no plan

I would like to fill several sheets of phyllo with a mixture of mushroom and potato, then bake as a strudel type thing. This is as far as I've gotten!

Should I mash, or chop the potato?
What seasonings? (don't want to overwhelm the mushroom flavor!) Onions?
Should mixture be cooked *before* baking inside the phyllo?
Is there a recipe out there that has already answered all these questions?

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  1. I think the mixture definitely needs to be cooked before you put it in the dough. Mash the potatoes and make them as you would regular mash potatoes--salt, pepper, butter and milk or whatever you like. Don't use as much liquid as you normally would though. Sautee the mushrooms with some onions and some herbs you like along with some white wine.

    The filling you want to make sounds a lot like this one for these vegetable tortes. I made them a couple of years ago and they were terrific.

    1. I've made a mushroom strudel before. I cooked down a mess of mushrooms and shallots with some thyme, deglazed with some kind of wine, then added some sour cream. Grated a bit of parmesan into it. salt and pepper, then cool. I think you could easily add some potato to this, but I would go with diced instead of mashed.

      Those tortes raj1 mentions are awesome, by the way...

      1. And everything should be cool before you put them in the strudel dough I would think.

        1. I'd either mash the potatoes or put them through a ricer, then mix with mushrooms that have been sauteed with shallots or garlic, some thyme and a little white wine--plus salt and pepper. Adding some dried mushrooms to the mix sounds good, too.
          If you used diced potatoes would you cook them until they were still firm? Use something waxy, obviously. But do you want the texture of diced potatoes with the crunch of the phyllo? I'd think that it would be preferable to do a sort of narrow strudel filled with a smoother potato filling so there would be a good balance of crust to filling.

          1. Interesting that this thread appeared. I have been gathering all of my recpes for a mushroom/potato/onion/procuitto recipe.
            I thought i might bring it with me to my neighbors for our New Years celebration. They are having only desserts and champagne and I, not a big dessert fan thought I and others might like this. Its actually a toss up between a strudel and a torte.

            What I plan on doing though is using a diced potato rather than mashed only because we will be standing and wandering around and I thought the mashed might not work in that situation. My other concern was that it might be just too flaky....