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Dec 29, 2006 12:08 AM

You are banished to an island...

...and you are given unlimited supply of 5 different tasty ingredients plus 1 extra condiment/spice. You will have plenty of water. (Let's not complicate this by thinking about cooking utensils or methods, or how to preserve the food!) What will you take? Reasoning?

1) Something rich in protein (foie gras? otoro?)
2) Something rich in sugar or carbohydrates (Acme bread? Yukon gold?)
3) Oil or fat or dairy (heavy cream? olive oil?)
4) A fruit (raspberry? mango?)
5) And a vegetable (swiss chard? seaweed?)

(Added after RiJaAr posted)
Your dream food. Also the assumption is that you'd be eating any combination of these, and nothing else. No way to catch your own fish, or pick coconuts, for example.

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  1. 1)some chickens (live) so i can have fresh eggs AND some fresh meat
    3)a bushel of vegetable seeds (so i can plant a garden)
    4)peaches and plums (i can also plant the pits)
    5)chocolate (no explanation needed)

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    1. re: RiJaAr

      Good answers - but will you choose differently if you were told the supply will somehow never run out? What I had in mind was the best tasting food (dream food) under the circumstances. And I added 1 extra condiment/spice while you were writing, I think. One last thing - is it going to be peaches or plums? You can't have both!

      1. re: grocerytrekker

        ok, for taste only i would have to go with
        1) peaches
        2) butter
        3) chicken
        4) rice (basmati or jasmine)
        5) (only one veggie?????)swiss chard

        for my spice i think... hot peppers, or sea salt.
        simple food but still my favorites, and you can prepare all of that lots of ways can't you?

    2. 1) A whole pig
      2) Potatoes (also makes flour possible)
      3) Milk (I wouldn't take oil because I could probably derive enough fat from the pig for oil-related purposes). Milk also makes cheese possible.
      4) Tomatoes
      5) Onions
      Spice: Pepper (Not salt because I can use the lard from the pork meat to salt other dishes, so I wouldn't take that)

      I think that I could make probably hundreds of dishes with those ingredients alone.

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      1. re: spades

        Smart, sensible choices!

        Don't you just hate more stupid rules?
        Sorry, but here it goes. You can't get anything out of the ocean, but you can use the sea water. It would be really dumb not to allow this much. So, you have sea salt. So you don't have to worry about rationing it...

        Recap: Yes, you have fresh water. Yes, you have salt. That's pretty much it.

        1. re: grocerytrekker

          OK, I already changed my mind about the fruit. I would rather take grapes (and make wine). I'll need a good buzz to make it through this ordeal.

          1. re: spades

            I can make wine out of the rice too.

      2. 1) Rice (flour, noodles)
        2) Pair of goats (cheese, milk, meat, gelato!)
        3) Honey (literally stays pure for thousands of years)
        4) Apples
        5) Asparagus
        condiment: Moroccan preserved lemons (no scurvy)

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        1. re: MobyRichard

          It is interesting to note that our answers would change depending on how long we think we'd be there.

          1 day
          1 week
          1 month
          1 year
          For a lifetime

        2. I'm with spades on the pork.

          1) one never-ending, magical PIG
          2) potatoes
          3) spinach
          4) mango
          5) red wine

          black pepper

          (I was tempted to ask for a pig, a chicken, and a cow, potatoes, and red wine. forget the vegetables. that's my second choice then. never ending ingredients suggest that I'd be there for a while, and just think of how cool it would be to have an au poivre steak with frites there on your own island, right on the beach, then eggs benedict for breakfast (sans muffin)...

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          1. re: birddog

            how would you get eggs benedict from your ingredients tho??

            1. re: RiJaAr

              well, a modified eggs benedict, of course. assuming that I'd be there for a while, I was allowing for development of secondary ingredients (milk, butter, cheese, bacon, eggs...) -- is it cheating to wait around for the chicken (or hen) to lay eggs? I was building off of my second (unofficial) request for animals, potatoes, and red wine. the hollandaise might be tricky though. Is there enough vitamin C in red wine to stave off scurvy??

          2. 1) rice
            2) salmon
            3) chicken
            4) kimchee (according to my parents, i should be able to survive on just rice and kimchee)
            5) oranges (i fear scurvy)

            does garlic count as a spice?