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Dec 28, 2006 11:59 PM

Staub Cocottes

I received four of these cute little things as a Christmas gift. Anyone have them? What do you like to cook in them?

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  1. I purchased a set of 4 Staub pieces at Costco a couple of years ago - a 6-qt with lid and a baby cocotte with lid. I've yet to use the small one, but I can see it being used for gratineed dishes, individual bread puddings, puff pastry topped stews, etc.

    1. I have two Staub pieces the 6 quart oval Coq Au Vin and the round 2 quart. I couldn't survive without them and find them preferable to my Le Creuset.

      I've used the 2quart for everything from single portions of chicken cacciatore or braised short ribs to small boules of Lahey no-knead bread (cut the recipe by a third) to potato-leek dauphinoise.

      Having owned, used and enjoyed both Staub and Le Creuset, I definately have to say that I prefer the Staub in almost all cases.

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        Sam, I use Staub as well. I'm very happy with mine, but worry about the black coating inside the pots. It's not enamel, as is Le Creuset. I've gotten rid of all of the non-stick pans in my kitchen, and wonder what is coating the Staub cocottes. Do you know?

        Edit from FlavoursGal: I just answered my own question. According to Staub's website, the inner surface is matte black enamel. I feel better now. I don't know why I didn't look it up sooner.

      2. The individual cocottes she got hold about 8 oz. each so single servings of scalloped potatoes etc. are what is called for. Small serving of onion soup?