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Dec 28, 2006 11:57 PM

Where to watch Saints football in L.A./Valley area?

Hmmmm, my last post got pulled. Wonder why.
Anyway, I am looking for a restaurant or bar in the L.A./San Fernando Valley where we can hang out with other New Orleans Saints fans to watch the games.
Preferably somewhere with some New Orleans 'flavor' and food!

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  1. Who dat! As far as we know, Sports Harbor (in Marina del Rey) remains the main Saints fan hangout. The food is the usual bar stuff.

    1. Nobody!!
      Thanks for the tip!

      1. OK, I called Sports Harbor and they told me they were a "Philly Bar". EEK!

        I've called Stevies, Ragin' Cajun, Les Sisters and several others and no one is doing anything special for the playoff game this Saturday.

        THEREFORE: By the Power vested in me as a TRUE Saint's Fan, I hereby declare the Sagebrush Cantina in Calabasas the official "Saints Bar" in the San Fernando Valley (since it's close to MY house!)!

        I welcome all Saints fans to join us to watch the Saints beat the Eagles Saturday afternoon (5:00-ish). I'll bring beads!!

        Geaux Saints!

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          I'm a 49er fan and have been since 1953. When the big satellite dishes came out I bought one so I could watch them every weekend. Now DirectTV has taken over the NFL Sports Ticket and so I went out and bought one of those. In 1990 I met a fan club that met at a drafty Pizza place in the Valley. I suggested to the head of the club that they come over and check out my house. 4 TVs plus one 46" TV. I put out food varying upon whether it is a morning game or an afternoon game. I think once we split up the price including drinks (not alcohol) it comes out to about $7.00 per person. Best parties i have ever been to. Sometimes i cook. soups, stews, chili etc. You could do Jambalaya, Sausage with red beans and rice or a gumbo. Much nicer than being at a bar who sticks it to you on the drinks and the food. We all remain email friends throughout the year. Give it a thought.

        2. I guess maybe it's not the case anymore, but at one point Saints fans did congregate at Sports Harbor even though Philly fans showed up there as well. I had always considered it an Eagles & Saints bar, but obviously that's not gonna cut it anyway next weekend.

          Did you try asking on Saints message boards?

          1. The best place to watch Sports in LA is still the Hollywood Billiards. It is on Hollywood Blvd. right near the 101 fwy offramp, so will be a staight shot from the valley. It is not a 'Saints' bar per se, but they show all the games (WITH SOUND) and have a full bar and food. It is huge venue with plenty of space and places to sit. There is also an outside patio with TV's if the weather is nice. I've been going almost every weekend for the last four years. And you can even take a break and play a game of pool, which is nice. I never have, always too busy talking smack with other fans. Check it out, I think you'll enjoy it. I have seen quite a few Saints fans there this year.

            Here's their site:


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              second this. i love watching sports at hollywood billards. will probably be there for the superbowl.