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Dec 28, 2006 11:45 PM

SARASOTA--here I come!

I'm visiting my cousin in Sarasota in January, and would like to take her and her hubby out for a nice meal. I would prefer seafood or perhaps Vietnamese, not super-expensive (less than $50 per person), and no dress code.

Suggestions please.

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  1. For Vietnamese, try Pho Cali on Main Street. The pho is quite good, as are the hot pot and the special combination bun.

    1. We just got back from Sarasota, and had a couple of terrific meals--the two best were Fred's and The Table. The prices were reasonable (at least by NY standards) and the food was both creative and good. Of the two, I'd have to recommend The Table as the best. My wife and I both had the Chilean Sea Bass served with prawns wrapped in Chorizo...excellent. Our daughter had the filet, which was also delicious. Save room for dessert--Creme Brulee cheesecake was great. In case you're interested, also had a good bar scene--and happy to say that the service was excellent, too.

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        Glad you enjoyed THE TABLE....
        Its one of my favorite restaurants as well.
        Happy New Year