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Dec 28, 2006 11:33 PM

Il Capo Deli Pasadena - anyone been?

Driving along Green St. the other day, I noticed there's a new place called Il Capo cafe & deli, near & market on the north side of the street, near Catalina, which now appears to be open. Has anyone been there yet, or heard anything about it?

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  1. I stopped by on a walk the other night to check it out. It is an Italian/Argentinean deli that stocks a lot of Argentinean wines and products that are hard to find just anywhere. This is good news for me, as my boyfriend is Argentinean! I picked up a couple of groceries while there, but I haven't eaten there yet. They serve standard Italian deli type sandwiches and a variety of empanadas. I look forward to hearing about the quality of the deli's food.

    1. We ate there this evening and had a wonderful dinner. Oscar was our server, and he could not have been nicer. Prices are reasonable and plates are ample! We enjoyed a glass of Malbec wine for only $4.50 per glass. We topped our dinner off with a very excellent espresso as we listened to music performed by a keyboard artist. The menu features genuine Argentinian dishes--definitely worth a try. We would like to see this restaurant make it!

      1. Absolutely delicious. Try the empanadas and the beef milanesa. You really can't go wrong here, and the prices are excellent.

        1. Yes, I was there last week for lunch hoping to find a new casual place. It was the worst lunch I've had in recent memory. My friend and I ordered the lunch empanada special. We ordered beef, chicken, ham and cheese empanadas, one w/ fruit salad and one w/ fries. The price is good but not if you're going to leave most of the lunch. The empanadas were cold and the fries, at best, room temperature. The beef filling tasted good, but I was afraid to eat it all because of the temperature. The service is friendly and the space is clean.

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            You should tell the owner. He'd want to know.

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              I tried dinner about 4 months ago so I apologize for the poor descriptions! I was unimpressed as well. For example, we ordered bottled water and the waiter took it off the shelf of the adjoining market section.

              Granted, this was my first time trying Argentinean food so I have nothing to compare to, but I didn't find any dish particularly tasty. Everything was accompanied by canned beets and potato salad, even the potato dishes. I tried the empanadas, the calamari romano? and the calamari provencale, this horrific dish of rolled meat, i think some sort of ham and cheese sandwich, and the little fried fishes which were oversalted. None of the food tasted particularly good and the plating/presentation was embarrassingly bad.

            2. I noticed this place a little more than a month ago when I was going next door to get some hair products. While walking back to my car, I saw a lady exiting with a bag of goodies. I asked her if she had eaten there before and she said all the time - you HAVE TO get their empanadas, they are the best.
              Okay, since I HAD TO, I went in. The girl behind the counter is very sweet and helpful. They have a variety of Argentinian and other items (it is an Argentinian Deli with an Italian name - she said that). Cookies, sauces, pastas, jarred veggies and a freezer section that has the empanada wrappers, etc. (I will need to look a little closer next time).
              I ordered one beef and one chicken empanada and a few of the pastries in the refrigerated section (one had quince and they were all delicious!). They also offer a mozzarella & red onion empanada and a ham and cheese.
              So yesterday I found myself at the same salon purchasing the same hair products and went into Il Capo again remembering how damn good everything was. This time, I ordered 1 beef, 1 chicken and 1 cheese & onion empanada along with a few of the pastries (this time they had different ones, but one of them had quince). I also asked for some of the chimichuri sauce (it was so delicious on the empanadas the last time). Got home and dug in. The beef one was spitting hot since they did not have any left when I ordered and he made it then and there. The other two were still warm. I did not order the cheese one last time. It was phenomenal!! So tasty! The beef is my favorite over the chicken - I love it when I come across a green olive. But they are all good. Next time I will have to try the ham & cheese.
              This is a great little place. They also sell sausages and cheese. They have all kinds of sandwiches but seem a little pricey to me. The empanadas are $1.99 each or they have a special which includes two empanadas and a side for $5.99. My total order, yesterday, two empanadas, four pastries came to $8.21 and then after I added the cheese & red onion empanada so that was another $2.15. A great dinner with leftover pastries for tonight!!
              Go! It is great.