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Dec 28, 2006 11:26 PM

Bluefin, Newport Beach in Photos

I've been a fan of Abe for several years now. And naturally I was a tad disappointed when he sold his place on the peninsula to open Bluefin. I dined at Bluefin right after it opened and was let down a bit; something was missing. However I recently went back for lunch and am happy to report that the old Abe I remember is back.

See the report here:

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  1. Great photos! I'm a new fan of Abe's. It's good to know I tried the place when he's already well into his groove.

    Here are my photos and reflections of BLUEFIN if you're interested:

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    1. re: elmomonster

      Great report and blog! Next time I return it shall be for the dinner omakase.

    2. 35 dollars sounds like a total steal! that must be the lunch price? thats also including the toro and amae ebi? or was that a separate order?

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      1. re: modernist

        Yep $35 was for the lunch omakase; dinner I believe is $75. It didn't include the toro and amaebi unfortunately; we got that separately from the sushi menu.

      2. Abe's my favorite spot for Japanese food; would have gone there more frequently if it wasn't so darn far. So I guess they increased the lunch omakase price by $5 (think it was $30 when we went 4-5 months ago). Still an excellent value for the quality of food you get.

        The interesting thing about the omakase is that the selection is different every time we went. Yours looked completely different than the ones we got in our 2 previous visits.

        Last time they also have a seared foie gras special that was to die for.

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        1. re: notmartha

          I remember when I first discovered Restaurant Abe over two years ago the lunch omakase was only $25!
          I've also had the dinner omakase there, where I was able to have fugu for my first and only time.

          1. re: kevin h

            Didn't think they can serve fugu here? That will be an adventure.

            1. re: notmartha

              About the fugu, I was actually talking about his original Restaurant Abe, though I wouldn't be surprised if they had it at Bluefin as well.

        2. Another excellent post Kevin! Your photos make my mouth water and I do agree that for $35 that's a great deal on lunch omakase.

          No wonder Bluefin made it as the top Ultimate OC Restaurant for 2006.

          1. Just went there again this weekend. Hubbie had the omakase - he liked it but I thought the previous ones were better. Still a great bargain.

            I ordered the foie gras again and also a tempura. Had to say I was really disappointed in the tempura and the rice they served with it. Somehow my neighborhood Jubei had a nicer version. Abe's tempura was way too heavy and doughy and not crispy enough, and I don't like the texture of the rice.

            We love the flight of sake - very good way to sample different types.

            Next time we go down again I'll have to stick with raw fish - the yellowtail served with the omakase was just great.