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Dec 28, 2006 10:51 PM

new restaurants in old places:Los Feliz and Silver Lake

Don't know if this has been posted yet , but La Belle Epoque on Hillhurst will soon be Little Dom's, an Italian place (with Farfalla down the street I can't say I am excited about this), Tangier is changing owners and will have a more upscale menu,whatever that means, Netty's in Silver Lake will become "Reservoir" -the chefs having cooked everywhere from A.O.C. to Grace to Lucques, and Flor de Morena is closing-no idea what is going in there.

Well, we have our work cut-out for us.

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  1. Actually, Flor Morena closed about two or so weeks ago while Little Dom's is actually a smaller version of Dominick's in West Hwd. on Beverly across from Cedars(they also own 101 Coffee Shop on Franklin at the 101).
    Tangier never made it and a Korean buyer is trying to upgrade a place with that name - hope he knows what he is doing.
    And as to the Flor, the less said, the better. Hopefully an improvement will take place sooner than later. Wish a Peet's coffee would take their place.
    Elizabeth Belkind and Gloria Felix are the buyers of Netty's, soon to be Reservoir.

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    1. re: carter

      I'm not surprised about Flor Morena -- went there once when they first opened, and even though I live right around the corner never was inspired to return.

      I would love to have a gourmet take-out/coffee place in the spot where Flor Morena is. Something like Joan's on Third or Alcove would be great. I would be there practically every day, if the food was good, of course.

      1. re: carter

        I agree - a Peet's would do wonders!

        1. re: So Ho La

          Word through the grapevine says Peet's is raising money to open more stores in So Cal.

        2. re: carter

          I loved Tangier.They had great food and such a great backroom. Whenever I was there, there was always a great crowd. They used to bring in some of the best indie music in La, I hope the new owners keep it the same. The website looks the same. If you never had their Black cod, I highly recommend it.
          ahhh ..La belle epoque, well it was time for them to change. Every time I ordered food there this past year, it came out wrong.
          I am not sure about Flor.

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          1. Noooo! I am so traumatized by the loss of La Belle Epoque! No more chicken sausages and those incredible boules. My life has lost all meaning.

            1. I also mourn the loss of La Belle Epoque. The food was never amazing. Sometimes it was bad. But it was always the neighborhood breakfast place. A no-brainer for Sunday mornings because we knew the menu and knew the staff and my dogs loved the place. Breakfast in Los Feliz is now just a little more confusing.

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              1. re: mawf1977

                There is only The Alcove, Home and The Mustard Seed within walking distance of where LBE used to be.
                And that's just me being lazy thinking of places...

                1. re: Plague

                  I only went to La Belle Epoque once. That was enough. And i lived so close I could have spit on it. I heart Mustard Seed Cafe. I am suprised it's closed--it was always packed (to my suprise).

                  1. re: Plague

                    Sigh. The lines are outrageous at those places now. LBE was laid back and not trendy. And that's why I liked it.

                      1. re: rachaels

                        Not trendy compared to Home and places like Fred 62. I could always get seated easily at Belle Epoque, and there was a much more uhh, "mature" clientele. And of course, There was a snappish French hostess rather than young hip hostesses.

                        1. re: EliseT

                          ekk Home. I see what you mean now. . .

                2. Greatest little "new" place in LF/SL is the new Cappriccio Pizza place on Hollywood blvd. right next to the intersection of Hollywood, Sunset, Virgil and Hillhurst. They are open 11am - 1pm all week, free delivery and walk-in pizza by the slice there is heaven, i think. Best thing to happen to the neighborhood in years. I say good riddance to LBE, I never enjoyed the food and found it too crowded to be worth the wait.

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                  1. re: yummyewe

                    11am-1pm?? So they are only open 2 hours a day??

                    1. re: yummyewe

                      does that place have the same owners of il cappriccio on vermont??
                      I will have to check them out...

                      1. re: sallybean

                        same owners. Tried it last night. Got the prosciutto panini and it was very yummy. Gotta go back and check out their pizzas.

                        1. re: TailbackU

                          We tried Ill cap pizza the other night and thought it was really good 2! We had the goat cheese/mozzerlla and added mushrooms, perfect! WAY better than Nicky D's!! My only complaint -- the salads are sorta boring, wish they had a few apps -- but the pizza is really good.