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Need the lowdown on Boise

nakni Dec 28, 2006 10:50 PM

I'm probably going to be moving from L.A. to Boise next summer. Related to chow, two things worry me:

1)I know the resources when it comes to Japanese groceries will be severely diminished, but I want to know how severe it'll actually be. The stuff I do buy at Japanese markets regularly is canned fish, pasta sauce, rice crackers, cup-of-noodles, candy (esp. Pocky), and Sapporo Reserve (not the regular Sapporo). Online I found two Asian markets in Boise: Orient Market (4870 Emerald St.) and Vientiane Oriental Market (110 N. Latah St.). Has anyone been to these markets and can vouch how much I'll actually be able to purchase there and how much I'll need shipped to me in a care package? Do these markets cater largely towards one country or a little from various countries?

On a side note, how fresh is the fish usually at the sushi restaurants? Has anyone asked the sushi chefs where they get their fish from and how fast it's shipped to them?

2)I regularly buy bottled gourmet soda. I'm sure I could find a place that sells something like Mexican Coke or Pepsi, but is there any specialty store where I can get something like Moxie or Bubble Up or Cheerwine or any bottled sodas made with sugar instead of corn syrup? If so, is everything sold per bottle or can you get a deal if you buy a 4 or 6-pack?

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    Tripper RE: nakni Jan 4, 2007 11:21 PM

    Hi and welcome to Boise. I can't help with most of your questions, but can with one. We have an excellent retail/wholesale seafood shop. It is Reel Foods Fish Market on Americana Blvd. They supply most retailers in town but they have the freshest product at their own shop. Everything I buy there is excellent.

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      nakni RE: Tripper Jan 5, 2007 08:30 AM

      Thanks for the tip. It's nice to know there's a wholesale seafood place in town that'll cater to the public as well. Have you ever asked them about the process of how they get their seafood (port city source, destination means, length of time)?

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      Moxie RE: nakni Jan 5, 2007 04:47 AM


      I hate corn syrup too. I have been able to find some good sodas at Fred Meyers in Twin Falls (Idaho). The Boise Food Co-Op can be a great start for your general search for food. Also their are some good sushi restaruants in Boise (and Twin). I usually don't ask about the fish though- but one of our local sushi chefs do go to Seattle each year to figure out who they are buying their fish from- they take it very seriously. We also have a decent Asian market in town. I'm sure if Twin Falls has all this, Boise will work out for you.

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      1. re: Moxie
        nakni RE: Moxie Jan 5, 2007 08:46 AM

        Thanks for relieving my anxiety a little. I come from a situation where the chefs at the places I go to wake up super early each day to head downtown to the fish markets and pick out their own fish. And given where I live, you know the fish is going to be super fresh. So I feel a little uneasy since I'll be heading to a landlocked area where a middle man might be (or will probably be?) doing the picking for the chef.

      2. k
        KCJ RE: nakni Jan 6, 2007 03:20 PM

        Lucky you! You'll get basque cuisine!

        Try Epi's in Meridian, and Gernika and Leku Ona which are both in downtown Boise.

        I used to love Basque Kitchen in Twin Falls on my annual trip to Idaho and was so sorry when it closed.

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