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Dec 28, 2006 10:04 PM

Asian Temptation- White Plains

I went last week. I was impressed by the interior. It looked quite narrow from the street, but once you enter, it opens up into a two level space with a fish pond and a long sushi bar in the main dining room.

If only they applied the same care to the quality of the food. We ordered a standard appetizer, Tuna Tartar. What usually follows nowadays is a small mound of cubed or diced sushi-grade tuna, mixed with some combination of onions, avocado, scallion, sesame oil and vinegar.

The best way to describe the "Tuna Tartar" at Asian Temptation was a puree of tuna in a pineapple juice puddle. No contrasting flavors. Now "sour" to counteract the "sweet." No trace, discernable to the eye or the palate, of any other ingredient other than whipped tuna and pineapple juice. We couldn't bring ourselves to finish even half of it. A maki roll was standard, but not spectacular.

On to the entrees. A pad thai was serviceable, but nothing special. I got the Walnut Shrimp and Chicken combination upon a server's reccomendation. The tempura-battered shrimp was tasty, light and perfectly cooked. The accompanying crispy chicken, however, tasted like it was battered with the bottom of the previous day's greasetrap. And overdone to boot. Which is peculiar, because the tempura-style shrimp, which were also deep-fried, had no taste of rancid or old frying oil. My only guess is that the shrimp was freshly prepared, but they had the chicken left over from the end of the previous night's service and re-fried it the next day. Drizzled over both the chicken and the shrimp was a cloyingly sweet sauce.

We had one glass of house wine each and no dessert. The bill came to around $82.00 with tax and tip. I realize it's early, and that it just opened. We want to give it another chance, but not anytime soon.

Has anybody else given this place a try?

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  1. thanks for the report. I'm not sure I've ever found a pan-asian place that actually does individual asian cuisines very well. Sounds like this place is no exception.

    BTW, where in White Plains is it?

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    1. re: adamclyde

      On Mamaroneck Road, on ground level in the City Center Complex at Main Street.

    2. Actually, I know about ten people that have been to Asian Temptation, and have ran back, as they have nothing but raves about it. I plan on going this week.

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        Great! I hope it was just a bad night. The more good places the better, and it was a wonderful space. Maybe I'll give it another try.

      2. Thanks for the posting. I won't have the tuna tartar...however I did have the lunch special of chicken in spicy mango sauce one day and it was wonderful. I went back and had it again, and it was still good - but the chicken was in oddly-shaped flat pieces and I couldn't figure out what part of the chicken it could have come from! The shrimp dumplings were pretty good and the sesame chicken was delicious. Reminds me of PF Changs without the long wait.

        I was very spoiled living in Manhattan for 13 years, but for White Plains, Asian Temptations is not bad.


        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Tried it a second time- whole new ball game. Pork Bun (singular) for $4 was overpriced but excellent. Shu Mai was juicy, shrimpy, porky and delicious. Shark fin dumplings had a nice taste and texture, if a little dry.

            Here's the thing: I asked the waitress if they had a seperate dim sum chef - expecting a blank stare in return- but instead I got an enthusiastic "yes." A-ha.

            Nevertheless, looking forward to giving the entrees (if not the tuna tartare) a second try.