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Dec 28, 2006 09:59 PM

Where is the Dean and De Luca's of San Diego?

I can find good elements from different places. EG. Siesels for meat, Bread and cie for bread, Wine bank for wine, etc. but short of going to Whole Foods I cant think of a single one stop shop that is high quality across the board. Is there a shop I dont know about? Ive only lived in SD a few years.

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  1. Try the relatively new Bristol Farms market in the Costa Verde center near UTC. No bargains but they have many things that are difficult to find.

    1. I second that. I hate that it's owned by Albertsons, but you can get many of the things you must be looking for. The bakery is a weak spot and does not compare to Dean and Deluca for pastries, etc. but the produce, deli, meat, wine section and packaged products are good.

      1. I went to Bristol farms right around their opening. Seems like Whole Foods has more selection. Ill give it another try.

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          I have to agree with this. I find Whole Foods to have both a generally higher quality selection and lower prices on things of equivalent quality. I think the produce at Bristol Farms is not 'premium' quality, but priced as such. I would also say the meat at Whole Foods wins hands down. Bristol Farms does have a nice cheese section and prepared foods section - equivalent or maybe even a little better than Whole Foods. The service in this department is also excellent - many friendly people around and they'll let you try something before buying it. Expensive, yes, but as long as you can try it first you can be sure you want to pay. I had an excellent Ahi salad that was not overpriced.

          I would only go to Bristol Farms in the future for the prepared foods and some different cheeses than Whole Foods.

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            For me, there is nothing from Whole Foods and almost nothing from Bristol that I can't find at Major Market or Trader Joe's, which are right next door to each other in Escondido. Major Market is a treasure. It appears to be a regular grocery store at first, but the shelves are packed with gourmet products, European imports, and hard-to-find regional domestic items. Their bakery is blah, but they do occasionally carry seasonal exotic fruits and vegetables. Prices are competitive with other chains, and thus less then WF or BF. They also have a store in Fallbrook. Any specialty items that are not necessarily of the "gourmet" persuasion are MUCH cheaper at any appropriate ethnic market than WF or BF.

            1. re: maestra

              I completely agree on Major Market but Trader Joe's (not only in Escondido) is overrated. They have sometimes some good stuff but on average their stuff is not so good.

          2. we buy Bread and cie bread all the time for Challah Bread french toast... generally, I go to Ralphs on Sports Arena or Olive Tree Market on Sunset Cliffs in OB.

            1. You should try TASTE in Hillcrest for cheese. You can get great produce at the Farmers Market on Sunday mornings in Hillcrest, on Normal Street.

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                Agree about Taste. Not just for cheese, but they also have some well-selected upper-end Balsamics and EVOO's. Occaisionally Foie. They used to get bread from a pretty good supplier other than B&C, but I'm not sure if they still do.

                Also, for produce, you might want to try Specialty Produce in the Morena Area. It's wholesale, but they will sell to individuals with exact change cash. During Morel season, they'll have Morels for 1/3 the retail price.