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What's the best Tasting Menu in NYC?

(Manhattan, preferably)

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  1. The pasta tasting a Babbo.

    1. Per Se. This is basically the same as a best restaurant question.

      1. Ok, let me revise the question: what's the best tasting menu that won't break the bank?

        1. I can understand that Per Se might be one that would, for you (and plenty of other people), "break the bank." But would Babbo do so as well? Not that I'm suggesting Babbo because I haven't been there.

          You need to be more specific about your budget. Give us a per person figure for the tasting menu (food only), keeping in mind that you would have to add the cost of beverages, tax & tip.

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            Babbo's pasta tasting...5 pastas and three desserts is $64...CHEAP

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              Thanks for the info. I would agree that is relatively inexpensive though, to be fair, it's pasta vs. tasting menus that often contain much more costly ingredients. The question still to be answered by the o.p. is what budget he/she has in mind for a tasting dinner that is not necessarily pasta-oriented.

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                Agreed. Do try Babbo if you have a chance. It was a lovely experience....especially around the holidays.

          2. Gramercy Tavern.
            I mean, it won't break the bank as hard as Per Se, but it will set you back a bit.

            1. I go with Daniel. What is it now, $125 per person for eight courses? Of course, wine will inflate that quite a bit, but still, it's great stuff.

              1. I say WD-50. I loved it a year ago. I believe the tasting meal was cheaper than Daniel's. Also, in terms of atmosphere and ambience, I prefer downtown casual to uptown stuffy. Just had Gramercy's seven course tasting but wasn't blown away.

                1. We have had the tasting menu at Cafe Grey several times and it was fabulous each time we had it. Particularly great when Grey was in the house and came over to shave truffles on our risotto!

                  1. i really like the pri fixe at Five Front in Brooklyn - they do it a few nights a week and its only like $22


                    1. in terms of value for money...this one's easy...the tasting menu at JG.

                      90% of the quality level of Per Se or Ducasse at almost half the price.

                      better than Robuchon, at 70% of the price. better than Daniel or Bouley or The Modern, at the same price.

                      about 1/3 the price of Masa

                      not much more expensive than Varietal, Tocqueville, Picholine, Urena, etc., and it blows them out of the water.

                      the only possible comparison is EMP under Humm...some would argue that EMP can be just as good...for less. but plenty of others disagree...so JG is probably the safe bet.

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                          Esca's great...but nowhere near JG's league

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                            not comparing...just saying Esca is a great tasting menu. It is different than JG

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                          BY JG do you mean Jean George? At columbus circle? Yes I agree it's excellent, but I'm looking for something new.

                          Country by the way was AMAZING...and I'm surprised no one mentioned it. IT is about $360 for two though so very expensive.

                          An what about MAS FARMHOUSE? The 5 course meal is $66. It's fantastic and the service is better than ANYWHERE I have ever been. Including Ducasse Paris!

                        3. The most reasonably priced tasting menu of the "best" is definitevely Bouley. Check out the prices for the tasting menu at lunch -- you can't beat it!

                          1. Degustation in the E. Village.