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Dec 28, 2006 09:46 PM

Red Elephant Tallahassee

Decided to try out one of newest places in Tallahassee with friends this afternoon. The Red Elephant, located in the Betton area on Thomasville Road, has a good atomosphere and tons of seating. It falls into the category of family style dining. The menu offers pizzas, main-dish salads, burgers, sandwiches, wine and beer. We sampled the house salad, chicken and mahi sandwiches, a burger, and pizza. All of the food was very good and plentiful. Although the house salad skimped on all of the expected elements aside from the iceburg lettuce which was abundant. The pizza was especially tasty.

Service was a particular concern. Example: Slow to approach the table and take drink orders, didn't know the soup of the day, food was not delivered at the same time, was not certain if the complete order had been written down after some items were not delivered, etc. Paying for the meal became a drawn out nightmare as we wanted separate checks (yes, I know - I hate that). The wrong amounts were put on the wrong credit cards, the waitress kept disappearing, a real headache when you're due back at the office. Paying the bill alone took close to half an hour. Perhaps the proprietor should consider allowing patrons to pay at the door.

Hopefully, the kinks in service will work themselves out and the Red Elephant will trump several family style dining options such as Village - home of deafening eastern European music and no soap in the bathrooms - Pizza, and Barnaby's - no thanks, I just won't eat- Family Inn.

The Red Elephant is several rungs higher than either of the afore mentioned establishments and is a welcomed addition to the Tallahassee dining scene.

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  1. I'm no longer in Tallahassee and thought to look up the scene, can't believe no one else has responded yet.

    1. There are very few regulars in the area that come to this site.

      1. Went for lunch with kids after Crist inauguration. Great pizza, absolutely great.
        Will go back

        1. I haven't tried it yet. I did get over to mellow mushroom and found it pretty good. The crust was really nice. I had a salad and it was pretty boring, more like a cafeteria salad. They have good selection of imported beers.

          1. We had the same inept service. We ordered a salad and it never came, but was on the bill. Although the pizza was good and reminiscent of Barnaby’s, it was a little heavy... almost brick like. The place is kid friendly, but we still prefer Decent Pizza—even with the change in management.